For the past 20 years, Dazzle has melded community and culture with intimate music and arts experiences, and a chef-driven menu. We celebrate and commemorate everyday life in an inclusive space where Denver audiences are able to hear some of the best jazz and improvised music from around the world.



Dazzle was first founded in January of 1997. It was the brainchild of Karen Storck and Miles Snyder. After four years of business Donald Rossa, the current owner, was brought in as a partner in 2001. This was the beginning of a new era for Dazzle. Between Donald’s business savvy and Karen and Miles’ love for jazz, a complete vision was able to become a reality and thus a true Jazz Supper Club was born in 2002. Donald went on to buy the restaurant in 2003. Dazzle soon entered a golden era of recognition and quality of standard, winning #1 jazz club in Denver every single year between 2003 – 2018 by Westword Magazine. Dazzle was also distinguished as being a part of the “Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World” by Downbeat Magazine numerous times. In June of 2017, Dazzle left its tenured home on 9th and Lincoln and moved to its new home, downtown between the Denver Performing Arts Center and the 16th Street Mall, the historic Baur’s Building. Here we are today, pushing the standards of service and live music further and further.

Baur’s Confectionary Company: A History

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Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Parking

Where is Dazzle located?
Dazzle is located at 1512 Curtis St. Denver, CO 80202 on the right-hand side of Curtis street, between 15th St. and 16th St. Mall, in LoDo (Lower Downtown) Denver. Notable neighbors: Sams #3 Diner, The DCPA, The Clocktower on 16th St Mall.

Where do I park?
It’s easy! The independence plaza lot at the NE corner of 16th & Curtis is $6 after 3:00PM on weekdays, and all-day on Saturday & Sunday. Trust us, the extra few bucks is worth it to not have to leave feed your meter or risk a $25 ticket (enforcement is ruthless downtown). Street parking is free on Sundays & Holidays!

We do not validate parking or offer valet.

Ticketing & Reservations
We utilize two distinct systems for securing your plans at Dazzle, VenuePilot & Reservations.

What is VenuePilot?

This is our ticketing platform for concert attendance only. Ticket links are provided on each respective event page on our website. You may also purchase tickets in-house (skip the fees!). We do not process sales over the phone.

Your ticket through VenuePilot is your reservation. We are a sit-down supper club, and every person admitted with a ticket has a seat inclusive of food & beverage service at your table beginning prior to the show and extending throughout the performance.

Upcoming Performances

If I have purchased a ticket on VenuePilot, do I need to also make a reservation?

If you have purchased tickets for a concert via VenuePilot, you DO NOT need to make additional reservations.

Tell me about your tiered seating

Dazzle utilizes a tiered seating model. Prices vary based on your proximity to the stage. Some seats have an impeded view of the stage and are priced accordingly. Please note that we have outfitted the space with several zones of sound reinforcement, and the sound should be great from anywhere you sit. Music is about the ears not the eyes.

Not every show utilizes tiered seating. General Admission shows are common as well.

Does Dazzle offer refunds?

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds or exchanges on tickets. This is a standard policy shared by all music venues, and there’s one easy explanation – your money goes to pay the artists, and is out of our hands once the event has occurred.

We also do not refund the the reservation fee for our Sunday brunches. It is meant to incentivize guests to follow through with their brunch reservation, so we can therefore plan accordingly.

What if a performance is sold out?

For sold-out shows, there is generally a wait list for available space. The wait list is only generated IN-HOUSE one hour prior to the show – and patrons must be in-house to be on the waitlist. If there are openings, we will begin seating waitlist patrons 15 minutes after a show begins. We do not offer “standing room.” We are a sit-down supper club, and every person admitted must be seat. There is no guarantee that you will be seated.

Do you offer Student/Teacher Discounts?

On several of our performances, we offer a discounted ticket for students and teachers with a valid school ID. If you do not see a discounted ticket listed on the ticket page, then it is not currently available. In the event of low ticket sales, we do run ticket promotions for students/teachers within the week leading up to the performance.

Can I use my gift card to buy tickets online?

Gift cards are not compatible with our online sales system. You can use your gift card in person, or over the phone if you have the gift card number.

Timing & Seating

When should I arrive for the performance?

Doors officially open one hour prior to the performance. Food & Beverage service begins the moment you sit down and extends throughout the performance. In order to minimize distraction from the performance, we kindly ask that you arrive one hour prior to the show if you intend on full service dining with us.


Our ability to open the doors is contingent upon the production on the stage. In some instances, the soundcheck with the performers extends up to the official door time, and in other cases it is completed early and we can therefore open the doors earlier than officially listed. Taking advantage of opening the doors earlier than officially listed optimizes the service coming from the restaurant and bar. If you choose to arrive far earlier than the officially listed door time, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you within the building. Some performers have strict guidelines in their contracts that require the room to be empty of guests during their soundcheck.

Can I reserve my table for the show?

No. Your ticket is your reservation. Seating is first come first serve within the tier that you purchased.

Sometimes I see “Reserved” tables at the club. How do I get one of those?

The a few instances that we do reserve tables:

  1. We have a membership program for all the die-hard listeners out there. Along with your membership you do receive preferred seating. If you find yourself attending Dazzle close to 50+ shows a year then we highly recommend saving some money through our membership program. Become a Member!
  2. Artist’s guests sometimes receive preferential seating
  3. During high attendance shows, we plot the room out according to party sizes. We therefore reserve certain tables so that we aren’t rearranging furniture as guests are arriving.

How long to the performances last?

A typical Dazzle set lasts 75-90 minutes. That being said, artistic expression is inherently spontaneous. There are instances of the sets being shorter or longer than the stated length. Please check the specific event page you are interested in for estimated set times. 

Do I need a ticket to come in and sit at the bar?

Yes, bar seats are part of our ticketed seating.

Restaurant / Bar Service
Can I eat or drink during the show?

Dazzle offers an award winning menu and full-service throughout our performances. Dining is encouraged, but not mandatory. There is a minimum purchase of $20 for the early show and $10 for the late show. However you want to spend that with us, is your choice.

Why was I up charged at the bar for my drink?

We get this all the time… the prices listed on our liquors are for an 1.5oz shot. If you order a drink neat or on the rocks it is a 2oz pour and you are charged $2 more. Same goes for a martini, they are a 3oz pour which incurs a $4 upcharge.


Is Dazzle all ages?

In most cases we allow all ages until 10:30PM. After 10:30 we require you to present your ID upon entry.

Can I book Dazzle for an event (big or small)? 

Yes. Visit Our Parties Page!

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