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piano keys
double bass
drum set

Dazzle Presents:

Tuesday Jazz Jam Session

A jam session for the young and the old to come and experience playing jazz with other like-minded people. We only ask that you speak jazz on your instrument...this is not an open mic, but a community where you can join in playing jazz with a group that will encourage and push you to grow and develop the jazz inside of you.

The mission of this jam session, led by trumpeter Greg Gisbert and bassist Jean-Luc Davis, is to educate and engage the Jazz loving community of Denver by creating a theme-based jam session where musicians play specific arrangements from historic jazz recordings. Through a limitation of content, we hope to bring a greater sense of preparedness and fulfillment from a gathering of like-minded musicians. We welcome dedicated musicians of all skill levels to come celebrate this music with us in order to keep our collective community and musical standards evolving.

Trumpet – Greg Gisbert
Piano – Jeff Jenkins
Bass – Jean-Luc Davis
Drums – Kevin Mathews