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Dazzle Presents:

Tuesday Jazz Jam Session

A jam session for the young and the old to come and experience playing jazz with other like-minded people. We only ask that you speak jazz on your instrument...this is not an open mic, but a community where you can join in playing jazz with a group that will encourage and push you to grow and develop the jazz inside of you.

The jam session, led by bassist Jean-Luc Davis, features a different pianist or guitarist each month forming the host trio for others to share with musically. The session especially welcomes those under 21 who may not have these opportunities at clubs that are 21+…Dazzle welcomes all ages until 10:30pm nightly. Priority will be given to those under 21 until 10:30pm, when they will be required to leave.

The benefit of this session, which has been occurring weekly since 2005, is one of building community, helping each other to become better at the difficult task of playing jazz, one musician at a time. There is nothing better to help you develop than being put in the middle of a musical situation with people you may not play with regularly, encountering musical challenges that you have to negotiate on the spot. This isn’t a cutting session…we want people to feel welcome in making music here; but there is always an element of pushing each other to be better at what we do as musicians, whether it’s learning tunes we don’t know (or know well), developing a better sense of time, and crafting that unique jazz improvisational vocabulary.

Jean Luc Davis