“A Conversation About Race from the Dazzle Stage”

June 23, 2020 program
12 pm to 2 pm
Brought to you by a partnership of
The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion
Dazzle Presents

“Our Stories Become Us”

Systems, Words, Stories, Impact. How do our stories become us? History, ancestors,
slavery, internalized oppression, white privilege, white supremacy…all powerful concepts shaped by story, words and perception. They impact us and we impact each other. How do we use and experience words and stories in our everyday lives to speak to who we are and what’s important to us?

Through their unique performances of poetry, monologue, and compelling dialogue, our storytellers will bring live conversations of everyday race, white privilege and white supremacy into the room.

In this fascinating immersion into our stories, we will discover how we can use them to empower, inspire and educate; and understand how powerful we are in our everyday lives to change the story of white supremacy. Join us with your own writing and inspired voice and get ready to dive into the most fascinating story of all… Your own!


Norma Johnson

Norma Johnson is a healer, a writer & poetic-storyteller, performance artist, facilitator and consultant who brings inspired awareness to insights on race and human rights. Her poignant poetry is being used enthusiastically by educators across the country to arouse insightful consciousness about race. Norma’s experience of walking in a white world while black inspired her to write and record her collection of, Poems for My White Friends, as a way to open space for inquiry, reflection and dialogue about the inevitable role race plays in our society and in our personal lives every day. Her recordings and performances have garnered overwhelming praise and now has grown into development of the full length poetic-story performance of, Passport to Everyday Race, in collaboration with award winning musician, Dexter Payne. Norma presents at the national White Privilege Conference and other national conferences and continues to present wherever there is invitation and desire to expand concepts about race at a personal, community and national level.

Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton grew up in Providence and Bristol, Rhode Island. She has degrees in the performing arts, teaching, and transpersonal psychology. She has been a secretary, caterer, diversity trainer, interpersonal skills workshop facilitator, and high school French teacher in various locations, and she has performed in local TV shows and in different community theaters and choirs internationally. Holly is one of the DeWolf family descendants who took the journey in the documentary film “Traces of the Trade,” which looks at her ancestors’ slave trading business, the family legacy, and Black/White relations today. She has facilitated post-viewing discussions and workshops since the 2008 premier. Holly has served on the board of a national non-profit, “Coming to the Table”, which hosts actions and projects bringing together descendants of slaves and slave holders for inter-racial healing. She believes strongly in acknowledging and exploring long hidden and challenging truths about history and beliefs as one of the steps in healing between races, particularly between Blacks and Whites, given her family history. She is currently finalizing a one-woman performance about her waking-up journey.

Norma and Holly have presented and facilitated together in the Denver community and at the national White Privilege Conference.