Creating the Stage

By: Jessica Rendall
June 11, 2020

Live music is a release of pressure, form of community and show of intelligence. As the world continues to shift, we need to make room for new stages.

As the months changed, so did the world, and the stage that once housed such memorable moments was left empty. As musicians, business owners and community members continue to grapple with the effects of a pandemic and join the protests for racial equality, the need to fill the Dazzle stage is stronger. For many in the community, live music is a release of pressure. Live music is therapy — it provides a sense of community, and reveals a part of the human condition that can only be brought to life through song. Music — simply put and universally shouted — brings people together.
As the city of Denver slowly reopens alongside the rest of the world, the community will continue to work hard to balance the need for expression with the need for safety. As music lovers and members of a jazz community that takes and builds from many cultures, it is our job to support and fill each others’ stages. The Dazzle stage will continue to shape-shift, expand and become a home. Music will continue, community will continue, and empathy will continue, so long as there is an audience that listens.
Jessica Rendall

Jessica Rendall

About the author

Jessica Rendall is a music writer in Denver, CO.