“Black Male Mental Health, Trauma and Resilience”

July 15, 2020 program
12 pm to 2 pm
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“Black Male Mental Health, Trauma and Resilience”

We will be addressing historical multi-generational trauma, social and emotional learning theory, why Black men in particular face greater mental health challenges, intra-cultural phenomena disguised as culture being passed on through generations, how the 3/5ths compromise still affects Black men today and removing cognitive dissonance.

Halim Ali

From The Heart Enterprises, CEO/Founder

Halim Ali is an activist, mentor, master facilitator, mental health professional and soon to be author aiming to transform traumatic experiences and lifestyles by restoring strong personal foundations, bringing back personal balance and implementing wellness tools to apply for a lifetime. He works directly with the Denver Metro community and its suburbs advocating for the empowerment and mental health awareness to establish healthy American families. Through community events and programs ranging from youth leadership courses, adult male health and wellness counsels, educational seminars and community services, Ali is for the people first, at all times. Cultural connector and advocate to so many voices in Denver, Colorado, he works hard in creating new movements that are direct, intentional and purposeful throughout all platforms of healthcare lending toward healthy families and communities. Halim Ali was also a 2019 My Brother’s Keeper Honoree.

Dr. Wazir Ali Muhammed AL’ Haqq, Esq.


Dr. Al- Haqq is 73 years young and is a seasoned father and leader. He currently parents two successful Black sons and seven young Black grandsons. He has mentored countless Black boys into productive lives and lifestyles. He is the corporate attorney, Chairman and CEO for Universal African Improvement Company, an international rice farming and processing corporation.

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Lee Hawkins


Lee Hawkins was born in 1946 and moved to Denver from Louisiana in 1970. He arrived at a time when North-east Denver was the center of Black life and culture. “I came to town when Denver was jumping.” Hawkins recalls. “We had the Kearney: we had Oneida, we had 22nd Avenue; we even had three gambling snacks.” Hawkins arrived in Park Hill with only five dollars and a friend. However, through his incredible entrepreneurial drive and spirit, he turned those five dollars into several successful businesses including Welcome Home Bail Bonding. Among his many talents, Hawkins is well known for his legal scholarship and has used his talent to secure freedom for many individuals facing unjust prison sentences.

D. L. Pos Ryant


D.L. Pos Ryant comes from a business background and transitioned to full time nonprofit and community work. From coaching basketball to running Tai Chi programs and more in schools, Pos has worked with adults and youth from elementary to 90+. Currently he is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization. Our mission is reduce mental health stigma by incorporating leadership, arts, wellness, and skilled trades in all programs.

Brian Godeaux


Brian Godeaux was born on April 22, 1981, in Denver Colorado. Known professionally as Hypnautic one half of the rap group Top Flite Empire, an American rapper, songwriter, creative director, mentor and businessman. He has released two solo albums, five group projects and has written close to 1000 songs. He embarked on a musical career after the death of his best friend coming out of high school. Growing up in Littleton and being bussed to Denver Public schools Brian was diverse to lots of culture and lifestyle. He gets his Cajun accent and love for spicy food from his father and his love for politics and care taking from his mother. Losing over 20 friends by the time he was 25 he used music as his therapy to work through his struggles and depression. Music saved his life, saying he would have been dead or in jail if it wasn’t for that creative outlet. Celebrating 10 years living off his dream of music and turning his hustling skills into a successful business Brian is able to not only provide for his two children but also teach other young adults how to do the same.