“Black Male Mental Health, Trauma, and Resilience Part 3 of 3”

September 16th, 2020 program
12 pm to 2 pm
Brought to you by a partnership of
Dazzle Presents &
From The Heart Enterprises

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Black Male Mental Health, Trauma and Resilience

The Future: Redefining ourselves, claiming our greatness, wellness, healing, and strength and creating peace within the family.

Halim Ali

From The Heart Enterprises, CEO/Founder

Halim Ali is an activist, mentor, master facilitator, mental health professional and soon to be author aiming to transform traumatic experiences and lifestyles by restoring strong personal foundations, bringing back personal balance and implementing wellness tools to apply for a lifetime. He works directly with the Denver Metro community and its suburbs advocating for the empowerment and mental health awareness to establish healthy American families. Through community events and programs ranging from youth leadership courses, adult male health and wellness counsels, educational seminars and community services, Ali is for the people first, at all times. Cultural connector and advocate to so many voices in Denver, Colorado, he works hard in creating new movements that are direct, intentional and purposeful throughout all platforms of healthcare lending toward healthy families and communities. Halim Ali was also a 2019 My Brother’s Keeper Honoree.

Kenneth Crowley Sr

Founder & CEO, Crowley Foundation

Kenneth D. Crowley Sr. is a native of Colorado. Mr. Crowley matriculated through Denver Public Schools graduating from Denver South High School. He received his undergraduate degree from an historically black college, Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma.

The Crowley Foundation was established in 2009. It’s primary focus initially was awarding scholarships for graduating high school students to pursue a higher education. Through conversations with his family, the foundation developed college preparatory programs and the popular “boys2MEN” program to mentor young men of color.

Their mission is: Connecting & Building Young Men (Young Kings) by providing educational opportunities through academic instruction, life skills, social/emotional learning, relationship building & career exploration. We foster learning and empowerment by providing leadership development programs, advocacy for social justice, promoting artist expression as well as healthy lifestyles via mental health curriculum.

While he has received multiple awards, been featured in several articles and interviewed for news stories, he remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to serve in the spirit of excellence. Since the inception of the Foundation, Mr. Crowley has instilled his family’s personal core values: Family, Service, Pay It Forward, Authenticity, Integrity, Leadership and Scholarship as a component. Kenneth is married to his wife, Jean, they have two children: Kenneth II (Jaliah) and Jayana; one grandchild: Jaxsen

Tyrone Beverly


Beyond being the Founder of Im’Unique, Tyrone Beverly is a thought provoking yoga instructor, film maker and the creator of the Poetic Flow. He is known for dismantling barriers and providing access to yoga and wellness opportunities that initiate social change. Beverly is the winner of the 2019 Martin Luther King Commission Award, the 2016 international Yoga Journal’s Good Karma Award, and is a Legacy Lululemon Ambassador. He has been featured on CNN Indonesia, New York Times and numerous publications for his work in social justice and health and wellness. Mr. Beverly is an inspirational change agent for creating a culture of health, individual growth, and social change. His passion for equity, human rights, and physical and social health has kickstarted a wellness movement that unites communities and fosters healthy lifestyles across the nation. Both internationally and nationally known, Tyrone has touched global communities across the world. His efforts supersede stereotypes and create avenues that permeate social and cultural barriers from a health perspective. He reminds us that we have the power to improve our lives and contribute to positive change.

Theo Wilson


Theo Wilson, is a founding member of the Denver Slam Nuba team, who won the National Poetry Slam in 2011. He began his speaking career in the N.A.A.C.P. at the age of 15, and has always had a passion for social justice. He attended Florida A&M University, where he obtained his B.A. in Theater Performance. He returned to Denver and is now the Executive Director of Shop Talk Live, inc. The organization uses the barber shop as a staging ground for community dialogue and healing. After viral video success beginning in 2015, Theo grew his social media following to well over 68,000 people. Due to audience demand, he published his first book in 2017, “The Law of Action.” The book addresses some of the misconceptions about the law of attraction, and the role direct action plays into manifestation. It can be found on Amazon.com, or his website, TheoWilson.net. In 2017, his TED Talk entitled, “A Black Man Goes Undercover in the Alt Right,” was seen world wide, amassing a total of over 12 million views. He has been featured on BuzzFeed, CNN, Good Day Canada, and TV One.

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Jason Vitello

Behavioral Health Coordinator, Denver Public Health

Jason Vitello is the Behavioral Health Coordinator at Denver Public Health, an adjunct professor at the University Of Denver Graduate School Of Social Work, and a community activist. He is also a national speaker on social justice, critical race theory, criminal justice reform, father engagement, male mental health, and collective liberation. In 2017, Jason founded the Colorado Public Health Association’s Health Equity Coalition and was elected as the first Health Equity Director. He presently serves as the Health Equity Officer. Prior to his career in public health, Jason was a social worker and therapist who provided advocacy, mentorship, case management and clinical services. It should be noted that before he was ever a provider of human services or family assistance – he was a recipient of them. His ultimate interest is in the betterment of the human condition through fierce compassion, difficult conversations, collaboration across struggles, the peaceful obliteration of structural inequalities and comprehensive paradigm transformation.