Black Male Mental Health, Trauma and Resilience

August 12, 2020 program
12 pm to 2 pm
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Black Male Mental Health, Trauma and Resilience

Part 2 of a 3 part series”

The Recycling of Trauma: The role it plays and the toll it takes upon our mental health – emotionally, physically and to our spiritual well-being. The message it speaks to us and the things it makes us believe about ourselves and how that plays a part in everything we do, say, and how we deal with others.

Halim Ali

From The Heart Enterprises, CEO/Founder

Halim Ali is an activist, mentor, master facilitator, mental health professional and soon to be author aiming to transform traumatic experiences and lifestyles by restoring strong personal foundations, bringing back personal balance and implementing wellness tools to apply for a lifetime. He works directly with the Denver Metro community and its suburbs advocating for the empowerment and mental health awareness to establish healthy American families. Through community events and programs ranging from youth leadership courses, adult male health and wellness counsels, educational seminars and community services, Ali is for the people first, at all times. Cultural connector and advocate to so many voices in Denver, Colorado, he works hard in creating new movements that are direct, intentional and purposeful throughout all platforms of healthcare lending toward healthy families and communities. Halim Ali was also a 2019 My Brother’s Keeper Honoree.

Michael Acuna


Michael Acuna aka ILL Se7en is an artist, Ted X speaker, And mastermind recipient that utilizes creativity to engage change. In 2016 ILL Se7en Co-founded an organization/program called Tribal Xiphers with David Lee and Francisco Garcia. Tribal Xiphers is a Hip-Hop rites of passage program for young people of color that equips them with knowing their rights, African and Ingenious history as well as music production, business and song writing classes. Michael also facilitates implicit bias workshops through Breaking Barriers and The Youth outreach program leading conversations between community and Law enforcement.

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Randall S. Craven (Ab Men Metu)


Randall S. Craven (Ab Men Metu) is a Licensed Professional Therapist and Certified Addictions Counselor III who is the owner of Craven & Associates Counseling Inc. which is a private practice professional counseling service. Randall received his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Regis University in 2007 and his Bachelors
degree in Psychology from Washburn University of Topeka in 1988. Randall received his Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Addictions Counselor III (CAC III) credentials in 2010 and he also has a Paralegal degree. Randall has worked in the counseling and human services field for over thirty years. His work as a psychotherapist includes working as a youth services director for the ULMD
(Urban League of Metro Denver), program clinician with the Community Re-entry Project, Deputy Director for Job Corps OA & P, and the youth and family’s director for RMHDC (Rocky Mountain Housing Development Corp.). He has also worked as a counseling contract provider for the Safe City Office at the Montbello and CPA (College
Prep Academy) high schools, crisis intervention trainer (CIT) with the Denver Police Department and as an adjunct professor at MSUD (Metro State University of Denver) with the Human Services Department.

Amir X


Born Antwaun Deshawn Johnson and also known as Amir X, was brought into the world on June 19, Father’s Day in the luscious show me state Missouri, in the city of Kansas City.

X took his date of existence and entrance in the world as a sign from God, and a call to action by the Most High to do the work of community organizing and community healing.

With liberation in mind, and as an aspiring father, X looks to center Black men / Black boys and their lived experience by developing a self-love, self-care, self-expression, self-examination, and self-centering program for Black men that facilitates to unpack their existence and their various identities through spiritual technologies through the lens of Black Fatherhood and scholarly work.

X is currently a college student seeking to complete his undergraduate degree, and continue on to graduate and professional studies in the near future.

He is a resident of Five Points, a Historic Black Community, X looks to create a revitalization and preservation committee to make the history of The Points even more visible through his neighborhood and create cultural programming throughout The Points.

Ronnie Qi Harvey


Ronnie Qi Harvey, The Apprentice of Peace is quickly becoming a staple in the wellness community in Denver, Colorado with a unique brand of wellness! Ronnie Qi Harvey co-founder of The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization, Author of “The Apprentice of Peace: An Uncommon Dialogue”, mental wellness advocate, and is a Tai Chi and medical Qigong practitioner. Harvey takes these practices to focus on heart centeredness and to unify the community in attaining more knowledge about true wellness, health, and fitness. Energy is the key, and as long as we are educated about our energetic system and how it works we have a key to ourselves. We need to know the relevance of how all of that connects and is his true passion and message.