Amber Weekes


05:30 pm

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November 15


05:30 pm

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1512 Curtis St.

Denver, CO, United States, 80202

American jazz recording artist Amber Weekes has given the world a special and unique gift: her voice. Her producer Mark Cargill described it as “a voice from Heaven,” and hears “harps, violins, trumpets on a cloud of velvet whenever she begins to sing.”

Weekes is rising to the pinnacle of her career with the release of her new album, “Round Midnight Re-imagined.” An early review from the Midwest Record’s Chris Spector, says it’s “killer stuff.”

“The child of Harlem royalty, Weekes redoes a promo record she made 20 years ago that seems a direct connection to Harlem Renaissance. You can feel the grandeur and glory that was Strivers Row that would later find its way to songs like Curtis Mayfield’s “We’re a Winner.” If you want to know how class can sound sexy, sultry and soulful, this is the ground zero lesson in it all. Killer stuff.”