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Glenn Jones / Janet Feder

Two shows, one ticket. Janet Feder plays first set which starts at 7pm.
Prepare to be amazed and mesmerized when two leading players and composers on guitars, banjos, electronic and acoustic – take the stage to perform their unique and original music. Please bring friends and family for this special MAS Eclectic “double bill” of guitar wizardry with Glenn Jones and Janet Feder.
Since 1989, Glenn Jones has led Boston’s “avant -garage” instrumental rock band, Cul de Sac, whose musical adventures are documented on nine albums to date, including a soundtrack for cult-director Roger Corman, and collaborations with guitarist John Fahey and former Can vocalist Damo Suzuki.
A 30-plus-year devotee of the so-called “Takoma school,” Jones has written extensively on the steel-string guitar’s leading lights: John Fahey, with whom he was friends for nearly 25 years, and Robbie Basho, who befriended Jones during the five years before his untimely death in 1986.
With former Takoma label guitarists Peter Lang and Michael Gulezian — along with Loren Mazzacane Connors, Henry Kaiser, Gary Lucas, Tony Conrad and others — Jones performed at sold-out concerts honoring John Fahey, in NYC and San Francisco, shortly after Fahey’s death in 2001.
In 2004, Jones stepped out of the long shadow cast by Takoma’s guitar visionaries and offered his own “new possibility” — This Is the Wind That Blows It Out — for Strange Attractors Audio House. Its release was followed by a month-long tour of Europe with guitarist Jack Rose. Jones has since shared bills with Steffen Basho-Junghans, Max Ochs, Matt Valentine / Erika Elder; along with Rose, he’s toured with Peter Lang, and with some of the best of the new breed of solo guitar upstarts: Harris Newman, Sean Smith, and James Blackshaw, among others.
A native of Boulder, Colorado Janet Feder is most widely known for pioneering composition for prepared guitar. She has been featured on numerous recordings, radio programs, and film scores.
Janet Feder fell in love with everything about the guitar when she was a little bigger than a ukulele. Born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Denver, her childhood was immersed in classical and folk music. As a teenager, she devoured rock n’ roll and fingerstyle playing, then spent more than a decade devoted to classical guitar study and performance. In this discipline, she was consumed by the music of J.S. Bach, the guitar icons of Spain and South America, and 20th century composers around the globe. Janet attended Denver Public Schools, the high school of the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Musicology from the University of Massachusetts.
A serendipitous conversation with a colleague in 1995 inspired what has become Feder’s iconoclastic offering: composition for prepared guitar. Her expansive sonic palette is created by applying various small, often metal objects to discrete strings of her guitars.
Janet’s compositions and performances on both acoustic and electric guitar comprise five solo albums and have been featured on numerous internationally acclaimed compilations and film scores.
Janet’s two most recent solo albums, T H I S C L O S E (2015) and Songs With Words (2012) were recorded at Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado in DSD Pure on Gus Skinas’ 32 channel Sonoma System. Janet does not use digital effects and none are used in these recordings; all sounds are analogue and played live.
Janet invites her listeners to explore the private, intimate landscapes she creates with her baritone guitars. She adds to her palette everyday objects as instruments that are not typically associated with music – or even sound – including toothpicks and rubber balls, bicycle inner tubes and steel ball bearings, split rings, rocks, ceramic plates and walls, egg-slicers, horsehair… and her bare hands. What defines her music, both live and recorded, is how she constructs the shapes, textures and movements of sounds to create her unique sonic universe.
Feder has performed or collaborated with: Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Bill Frisell, Elliott Sharp, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Amy Denio, Mike Johnson/Thinking Plague, Susie Asado, Nikmat Hatraktor, Paolo Angeli, Wu Fei, Tatsuya Nakatani, Erin McKeown, Jane Rigler, Shoko Nagai, Satoshi Takeishi, James Sidlo, Pauline Oliveros and poet Anne Waldman. She is also half of Denver-based duo cowhause with Colin Bricker (laptop + live electronics).
Janet lectures at the University of Colorado teaching The History of Rock n’ Roll; co-curates MediaLive, (an annual festival in Boulder, Colorado); and is an artistic associate with Square Product Theatre.


Nov 27 2018


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm




Dazzle @ Baur's
1512 Curtis Street, Denver, CO, 80202


(303) 839-5100

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