Howe Gelb – Bard of the Southwest Comes to Denver

Howe Gelb – Bard of the Southwest Comes to Denver


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MAS Eclectic Concerts and Dazzle present Howe Gelb, frontman of Giant Sands, a Southwestern rock group out of the Tucson desert. He makes his Denver debut on the Chandelier Stage at Dazzle at Baur’s before returning to Europe. This one time Denver date by Howe Gelb will be a celebration of his recording career from the first release in 1985 with Giant Sands to producing albums with K.T. Tunstall to his new release Gathered.

“Gelb’s melodic dexterity and wicked way with words makes for an enormously appealing album – think the Tom Waits of The Heart Of Saturday Night encouraging Cole Porter to bunk off and spend the afternoon shooting craps and gargling bourbon.” -Record Collector Magazine (UK)

“Howe Gelb has been recording for 30 years as the leader of Giant
Sand, a Southwestern band with many lineups and guises centered on
his conversational vocals: twangy, mariachi-tinged, jazzy, noisy, trivial,
metaphysical.” – The New York Times

Gelb, rocker, jazzman, poet and bluesman, reinvented himself as a composer of standards. He will
perform on the Dazzle Steinway accompanied by a vocalist and a bassist, performers TBD. He returns to
the piano, an instrument he resented as a teen so much he nearly felt guilt when a Susquehanna River
flood ‘splintered’ the family instrument. But he didn’t escape the piano, not listening to Thelonious
Monk and Tommy Flannigan. At the end of 2016 he released his fourth solo record, Future Standards,
filled with songs for a smoky piano bar sung by Howe Gelb and Lonna Kelley. These playful songs about
love add to the American songbook. Future Standards was followed up with Further Standards in late
2017. Gelb’s lyrics banter and spar with lines that rival Gershwin. His 2019 release, Gathered will be
celebrated at this startling original concert in Denver. In this eclectic collection that includes the voices
of his daughter and M. Ward he rolls his own standards into an album with tributes to Moon River and
Leonard Cohen’s A Thousand Kisses Deep.

“Howe’s tempered balladry on ‘Gathered’ captures all the beauty of everyday complex relationships, sideways glances and all that stems from such a smile. The title track reminisces on the big day and its rites of union. Howe’s a hapless and hopeless romantic at heart.” Fire Records.


Jun 12 2019


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm




Dazzle @ Baur's
1512 Curtis Street, Denver, CO, 80202


(303) 839-5100