Danilo Brito

Danilo Brito

Danilo Brito – Mandolin
Carlos Moura – 7-String Guitar

In his first visit to Colorado, Danilo will bring repertoire from his latest album Da Natureza das Coisas, in addition to traditional choro compositions. He will be accompanied by 7-string guitarist Carlos Moura. Together, the duo will lead the audience on a special musical experience of the “more-often-bright-than-blue” choro, as well as Danilo’s new artistic exploration of the unique sounds of Brazilian music.

Since Danilo Brito first picked up his father’s bandolim—the Brazilian version of the mandolin, named for its pioneer, Jacob do Bandolim—as a toddler in São Paulo, it was clear that he was a prodigy. His musical parents encouraged him to nurture his skill and Brito taught himself to play choro, a music style with roots in the Portuguese fado, polka and waltz rhythms overlaid with Afro-Brazilian syncopation, and dazzling displays of instrumental dexterity. Choro is considered the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music. The literal translation of the term is “to cry”, though this is figurative and points to the style’s emotive power.

At the age of ten Brito began to visit music shops that hosted Rodas de Choro, informal gatherings of musicians who meet to play choro. Six years later, Danilo would go on to win the most prestigious competition for Brazilian music, the Prêmio Visa de Música Popular Brasileira. He has since become the future of choro, with his daring and precise bandolim runs earning him a reputation as the new Jacob do Bandolim.

Danilo Brito is important to the world of music both for his extraordinary musicianship and for the unique musical and cultural tradition he promulgates through choro. As an award-winning wizard of the bandolim and an authority in the art of playing choro, Brito’s repertoire spans more than a century from the birth of Brazil’s first national music to the major composers of Brazil and on to his new compositions that are expanding the literature. His ability as a composer fuels his skill as an interpreter: he fully understands the original composer’s intention and brings its essence forward with a clarity that often exceeds the original.

In his 2017 North American tour, he played to full houses at famous jazz clubs and art centers such as Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, The Mondavi Center for Arts in California, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and the Savannah Music Festival in Georgia, in addition to radio performances including the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.


Sep 12 2019


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


$15, $25, $35


Dazzle @ Baur's
1512 Curtis Street, Denver, CO, 80202


(303) 839-5100