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Bicycles For Humanity Fall Gala & Fundraiser

Tickets can be purchased online for $35 or at the door for $50.
Ticket includes meal and drink. Featuring live music from Chez Coucou.
Bicycles for Humanity is a grassroots movement that was created in 2005 by Pat and Brenda Montani. Initially, we planned on sending one container of bicycles to Namibia from communities in Central British Columbia, Canada. With no marketing, people found our website and just kept writing, asking to start chapters. The next year it grew to 4 chapters sending 5 containers and hundreds of people having fun, pitching in and knowing that they have helped bring our world just a bit closer together.
Bicycles for Humanity is a pure grassroots movement, it started that way and it will always be grassroots with no overhead of any kind. What brings us together is the simple belief that a bicycle can and does make a difference. Many NGO’s are bound by regulations, boards, deep management teams and they must stay within defined or imposed boundaries, follow the rules and do what is expected. B4H allows everyone who wants to make a difference and to help change lives to do so in the way they think makes sense and how they can best add value. In short, you can be as creative as you like, spend as much time as you want and build programs, partnerships and fundraising initiatives that make sense to you. Best of all, you can build relationships with many in the developing world and by working closely with them to implement programs, you are helping transfer valuable business and entrepreneurial skills.
In 12 short years, we grew to over 50 chapters, about 30 active at any one time and we have established over 200 BEC’s and in total delivered about 125,000 bicycles to Africa to the end of 2015. The key to our success has been telling the story of the need for bicycles in the developing world and hopefully inspiring many to join a pure movement and make a direct and meaningful difference.


Oct 12 2018


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Dazzle @ Baur's
1512 Curtis Street, Denver, CO, 80202


(303) 839-5100

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