Students, we know you have been busy fine-tuning your arts at home. Dazzle remains committed to showcasing art and artists no matter where they exist. We would like to offer our online resources to showcase your work virtually. We are asking local students to send us a video of their projects they have been working on from home. All spring term final presentations in fine arts are welcome, even if they were performed (or created) before school closures took effect.


Tips on Recording

We’ve put together a list of resources that can help you fine-tune the process of recording yourself at home. While our list is not exhaustive, it is definitely worth taking a look at. You never know, you might find something interesting that could improve the quality of your recordings!

Parent Resources

We’ve put together a list of resources that can help you navigate learning art at home during this time. The good news is that you’re probably into a groove already and have most of the resources that you need. But if you feel like you could use some extras, please take a look!

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few links that have some good guidelines on how to record with your smartphone. If you have better equipment that you can use, great! But we’re not asking you for a technological masterpiece. We just want to see, hear, and feel what you are doing in your art space right now. Use what you have!

General Tips

Check out these tips on recording with a smartphone from the good folks at University of St. Andrews

Sound Settings

Popular Science has some good ideas on creating a better audio landscape in your smartphone recordings.

Cool Camera Tricks

Ignore their advice about music. Pay attention to the cool camera tricks to make your video more fun to watch.

Video Editing Apps

Make use of FREE! These 4 free video editing apps for your smartphone will help you get some cool effects.

Audio Editing Apps

Make use of FREE! These 15 audio editing apps for Android and iOS might make all the difference.

Do Your Thing

No link here. We just want to remind you that your fans love your work. Be you and be authentic.

Know of any other great tips or tricks not included here? Email them to webmaster@dazzledenver.com!

Parent Resources

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some resources for parents, instructors, and art-from-home students.

Know of any other resources not included here? Email them to webmaster@dazzledenver.com!

Submit Your Art

To submit an artwork or performance piece, please email dazzleyouth@dazzledenver.com with “Dazzle Arts” in the subject line. Please include up to 8 (eight) Jpeg images or a YouTube URL of your work.

Please note that Dazzle will claim no exclusive ownership over any of these videos. By submitting a performance to us, students still retain the right to share their video with as many other platforms as they see fit and may also request that their video be removed from our site at any time.

We are hoping we can inspire young musicians to come together and continue to perform during this difficult time. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at dazzleyouth@dazzledenver.com. Many thanks, and remember to keep up with #DazzleYouth #CreateMore.

For each submission, we ask that students please provide the following:

  • Student’s name and email
  • Parent’s name and email (if student is under 18)
  • Student’s school and year
  • Names of all other participants (if applicable)
  • Titles of all art showcased
  • Composers/arrangers of any music performed
  • Photo of student (optional—will be published on our site)
  • Student statement/vision (optional)
For students under 18, please also download, sign, and include the following release:

Student Stage

Jimari Josef Day

Jimari Josef Day