Graves Broderick

photo-realistic colored pencil and graphite art

Graves Broderick is an 18 year old artist, professional tattooist, and musician. He has experience with most media, and is always mastering a new skill. His specialty is photo-realistic colored pencil and graphite art. He tackles controversial themes themes of justice, morality, death, and more through his art, in a quest to open the world’s third eye to new perspectives. He does this through his very own genre he calls “Tretch,” which seeks to enlighten viewers by creating a primal and instinctual discomfort. His artistic vision is to pledge against the ultimate mental blindness–hypocrisy–and convert people to a more honest and truthful outlook on life. (I don’t know if this fits in, I’ve never really participated in any sort of gallery before, but you could also mention that I do commission artwork of any type).


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