Lydia Smith – We’ve Definitely Been Through It

09 Feb, 2018

Lydia Smith – We’ve Definitely Been Through It

Couple’s Love Song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

8 years – for younger couples that’s already a lifetime. I’m 27 he’s 30. We’ve lived in Charlotte Jacksonville and now recently as of September denver. We’ve definitely been through an entire life of the hardships but plenty of the wonderful memory making times as well. Andre proposed January 1 2017 and attached is our very special engagement video his brother in law gifted us. Andre is Russian and comes from a big family who mostly live in Cali. I have only one brother and my family is from South Carolina. We are a true west coast meets east coast loves. We desperately want to be married this year as last year moving here pushed everything back but also we were scammed out of money from the first landlord here in Denver and are still going through the courts with her (great welcome to Denver huh) but that’s the hardships kinda thing I was talking about. No matter what comes our way what we’ve gone through we know we have each other. We know til the end of time we will make it we already have the proof. We want a day for both families to be together in on spot since that’s hard to do with both being on opposite sides of America literally ha. We are trying to come up with the money ourselves for a wedding but it never seems to become reality with our situation. This would be a huge blessing a huge relief and I promise I am not a hard bride to please. I thank you for reading this and watching our video. Hopefully your heart will stick you on us for the chosen one!!

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