Xub Her – The lovey-dovey nature of most love stories

08 Feb, 2018

Xub Her – The lovey-dovey nature of most love stories

Couple’s Love Song: Moriah Peters – I’ll Wait for You

The story between Flower and I lacks the lovey-dovey nature of most love stories. We weren’t high school sweethearts who endured the trials of growing up together. We didn’t meet through a randomly ordained chance whilst in a room of crowded people. There was never a “love at first sight” feeling when we met. To be quite honest the first time we met was so awkward that future conversations between us could really only go one way from there, up.
While at church camp, Flower had noticed me in a crowded room while I had my back to her, talking with a friend. Though she insists to possess an introverted personality, she boldly walked up to me that day and asked me a random question. A bit perplexed, I invited her to coffer later that day. We kept in touch and sporadically met every now and then. Nothing ever happened between us until a friend of mine needed what amounted to be a wing-man a number of years later, seven to be exact. Little did I know, what was thought to be a carefree weekend out of town with an old acquaintance has turned into more than three years of a dedicated, long distance relationship between two people who met awkwardly and kept in touch.
I would best describe our relationship as two individuals taking a walk on a sandy beach. As the waters crash over our toes, we both start taking steps into the water. The depth of our relationship, though very surface level at first, moves deeper as we take more steps into the ocean. During these three years, and ten years in total of knowing each other, those steps weren’t always the same; some steps were very small, as if we were making sure we didn’t step on any harmful objects in the ocean, and some were quite large. We didn’t always walk hand-in-hand, step-by-step either; as is natural in most relationships, one individual might have been a bit further along than the other. Though the waters were not always calm, we continued to journey through the crests and the troughs of the waves caused by the storms of life. The deeper we got, the more we realized neither of us would want to be where we are with anyone else and now we’re ready to dive head-on into life together.

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