Trevor Ewald – Not Fade Away

08 Feb, 2018

Trevor Ewald – Not Fade Away

Couple’s Love Song: Not Fade Away

The love of my life is Shannon Moore. During our six years together we’ve done what every Colorado couple does; early spring trips to Moab, full moons at Red Rocks, and raising up a strong intelligent dog. We also broke every relationship rule along the way, starting as an office romance and stretching ourselves thin with a long distance love affair divided by the Rocky Mountains. Between our car sick dog and a suspect 2002 Cavalier, only the power of love got us over that continental divide.

It is difficult to pick out one story from all the memories. When we met, we were working night shifts in the mountains of Steamboat Springs and frantically trying to memorize our anatomy books for the morning’s test and a better life. I remember how those efforts paid off when Shannon was accepted into Nursing school and I made it to X-ray tech school. And I think about how fate would have it that after starting in our small mountain hospital together, we would find ourselves working in the big city in the same downtown hospital.

In the spirit of this incredible contest though, my mind keeps going back to a date night early in our relationship. Shannon surprised me with tickets to see Phil Lesh and Friends. We headed to Broomfield and in the hotel room agreed, ” Why bring our cellphones? We’re gonna be right next to each other the whole time!” As you might guess, those are very famous last words to us now.

Not to embarrass my beautiful bride, but it was one of our earliest dates, and she was very nervous. She compensated by drinking just a little too much. Just as the second set was about to begin she decided to take a quick restroom break. Of course I wanted to walk out with her, but in typical undying supportive girlfriend fashion, she refused. Besides, the bathrooms were just down the stairs from our seats.

Twenty minutes later, I decided to go look for her. She probably just forgot what section we were in. I head out to the oval concourse. I loop around the track to a dead end, and then loop back. “Well she probably made it back to our seats.” Nope. I try to fall back on vague survivalist skills. Should I stay put or keep searching? I alternate my sweeps of the concourse with returning to our seats in ten minute intervals. I stop at concessions every time to ask the bemused vendors in my wide eyed state, “Have you seen my girlfriend?” …They had not.

As the second set closed, the entire situation had become dire. “Did she leave me? Is she dead? What am I going to tell her parents? I’m not even sure what hotel we are staying at.”
I loop through the concourse one last frantic time, and as I come around the bend, I look outside the glass doors and there she is. I open the door asking what are you doing!? An overzealous security guard had heard her throwing up in the restrooms and kicked her out. Now she was commiserating in the cold with all of the other woman’s delinquents. I like to think most were found guilty of unconventional dance moves.

Shannon has a story to tell and so do I, but there’s no time for that now. The band has returned for the encore, and they are playing the only song that makes sense. It’s a song the audience plays with the band as we all let each other know just how we feel. I drag her back inside despite her high crimes and the top notch security.

We make it back to our seats as the clapping begins; six thousand people repeating the mantra “You know our love will not fade away. Clap*Clap*Clap* Clap-Clap. You know our love will not fade away…

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