Tiffany Archuleta – Our Love Story

08 Feb, 2018

Tiffany Archuleta – Our Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: You Had Me At Hello by A Day To Remember

The Beginning

We met on January 23rdy 2010
At the phill long expo center in Colorado Springs at a rave called Glo 5. I wasn’t even supposed to go but at the last minute my sister Surprised me with tickets!
We danced the night away and all throughout the night I kept bumping into this guy…
I remember seeing him pass by and I kept telling myself that guy is really hot oww oww!!! (: right when we were about to leave (the guy) and his friend walked up to me and my sister (the guy) looked right at me and said want to dance with me?
Of course I said yes! πŸ™‚

We were the only ones slow dancing at a rave! Everyone else was dancing crazy but I just remember being so nervous I kept talking and talking I wouldn’t shut up! I kept looking down cause I was super shy and I was dancing with the hottest guy in the room!! He asked what my name was and I asked for his,
The Music was so loud I misheard his name! πŸ™
we danced to one whole song then all of a sudden the lights turned on and the music stopped it was the end of the rave! my sister said lets go! hurry! She wanted to go home πŸ™
at the time I didn’t have a phone so I gave him my myspace info I told him to search (sweet talk) haha cause that was my myspace name at the time. He didn’t have a phone either so his friend put all my info in his phone.we gave eachother a big hug!
And said goodbye πŸ™
As I walked away I told myself I’m gonna see that guy again really soon (:

The next day I got a friend request on my myspace but it wasn’t from (the guy) it was from his friend Kyle! Yuck! :I he kept asking me to hangout with him and I kept asking him who his cute friend was πŸ™‚ a.k.a. (The Guy) long story short he wouldn’t tell me his friends name
so I went through kyles myspace friends looking for (the guy) but he was nowhere to be found
I almost gave up! But then…the next day I got a friend request and a message from an
AJ(: it was (Him!)!(:
we talked for hours and hours!(:
Through messages and home phones haha

Love birds

We talked on the phone nightly!
As we got to know each other we really wanted to hangout but we lived so far apart
he invited me to another rave haha
I met him again
on feb 13th 2010 at the aztlan theater in denver Colorado!:) it was snowing like crazy outside as we waited in line to get our tickets he hugged me and kept me warm πŸ™‚

When we finally got through the doors we had so much fun! we danced and danced! it was a night I’ll never forget it was getting really late I believe it was around 2:30 am and!:) as we were dancing The song by A Day To Remember (you had me at hello) started playing
He sang it to me and then
he whispered in my ear will you be my girlfriend I looked up at him and shook my head yes!! And then it happened we had (our first kiss) from that moment on I knew I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him

The more we got to know each other the more we fell in love I’ve never felt like that with anyone! Everything he did made me love him more and more!

We lived so far apart from each other so we would go months without seeing each other
πŸ™ I hated being so far away from him
the distance didn’t stop us!:)
We were constantly on the phone,
everyone around us would get mad cause we always were texting or talking on the phone to each other we couldn’t fall asleep without hearing each others voices so we would fall asleep while we were on the phone haha we just loved eachother so much! He would always find a way to come see me even if it was bad weather that didn’t stop him!
I loved it when he would surprise me and just show up at my doorstep it made me so happy!!!:)
At this point we were madly in love!

Our little family

On November 30th 2011
We found out I was pregnant!!!:)
He moved into my parents house with me and took care of me it was so amazing to finally get to see him everyday and never have to say goodbye (:

On August 2nd 2012 at 11:39 am we welcomed a little girl into this world our little Hayley Marie πŸ™‚

It was the cutest thing in the world to see him be a daddy! He’s the best daddy In the world

Two years later

Our little hayley turned 2! Already! We have a two year old wow haha but something’s missing :/
We started to notice that our Hayley was lonely hmmm…

We didn’t like to see our little girl sad and lonely so we decided to give her someone to have in her life forever!:)

On August 2nd 2014
We found out I was pregnant again!(:
We’re so happy and excited!!! Another beautiful little kiddo!:)
We can’t wait to meet this little baby!
On 04/05/15
We welcomed our son Logan Johnathen
Our little family is complete (:

This isn’t the end of our love story there’s so much more!! the best part is spending every day with eachother
The love we have is forever

On 02/13/18
We will celebrate our 8 year anniversary
We would love for you and your venue to be apart of our love story
We want to get married and have the wedding of our dreams
Please help us
We would forever be grateful and beyond thankful

Thanks for listening to our Love story

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