Teshina Lucero – From the day it all started!

08 Feb, 2018

Teshina Lucero – From the day it all started!

Couple’s Love Song: “This song is for me and you” Johnny Gill

It was intense day in high school when i first saw you my life was just getting exciting! New adventures new experiences ! But it started with you! As i stole your heart away forever i made u mine forever it all started with laughs and flirts and playing hard to get. Ill never forget how it all happened it all started thru a notebook paper note back and forth expressing how we like each other. So we made it offical i knew things would be a dream come true from here! As our love grew and we were always together nothing changed the way i love you not anything or no one can change the way i feel about you! After 3 years being in love puppy love we had the best blessing ever from god happen to us he gave us a precious baby boy. As we matured and Adrian steped up and took all this serious he worked hard to provide for me and my son! I thanked god everday for him being the best man n father he can be at 19 and i was going to be 17 we became beautiful parents! As we continue to love eachother through eachothers faults through the hard times and the little arguments that all marrige couples go through it only mad our love stronger he never left my side and i never stopped loving him. From him watching me walk down the ile to receive my diploma to giving birth to my first baby i knew this was true love! Our life grew strong n so did our love we became the best parents of 3 beautiful children! I would not change anything to be with this man. I am destin to be with him each and everyday with him! He worked hard everyday proving tp god and to his family this was ment to be he never left us without! So the day has come where he takes all the words oit of my mouth and takes me to be in his life forever. It all started at a restaurant called Gunther Toodys lol nothing expensive im not one of those woman who need it all beautiful all i need is my family n my man bit as we eat with family and the ones i love he comes to me slick and slowly i didnt know what was about to happen he grabs my hand and tell me ” here befor these fries you loves so much and infront of the ones we truly love WILL YOU BE MY FOR LIFE TILL DEATH DO US APART BE MY WIFE! ! as i laughed and cryed my body froze but my heart knew this was ment to be “I DO” ill forever be with you and love my fries too lol Our lives together forever is how it should be September 9 is our anniversary marks 9 years! So setting the date is the best thing we can do i cant wait to share this beautiful day with the love of my life that i learned to grow n love forever no one could ever take his place. Together forever is all i want!

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