Taylore Jedlicka – Only Fools Rush In

08 Feb, 2018

Taylore Jedlicka – Only Fools Rush In

Couple’s Love Song: Can’t Help Falling In Love -Elvis

Dear Dazzle,

Hello! My name is Taylore Jedlicka and my fiancé’s name is Jeff Nelson. I’m 24 and he is 30 and we live smack in the middle of Old Town Fort Collins. We have known each other for about three years and have been together just over two. Those two years have turned into one of the most unpredictable love stories of all time, but I think that is why we could be a great candidate for your giveaway. Let me start from the beginning.

I first met Jeffrey through a few of my mutual friends at a Rockies game, and let me tell you I was smitten. He was so handsome and funny and we definitely hit it off, but I was too shy to say anything. After that we saw each other a couple more times, but nothing came of it, even though ALL of our friends kept trying to convince us to ask each other out. Then my best friend invited us all out to a weekend in Las Vegas, and that was the nail in the coffin.

It only took one night. We all arrived in Vegas and got ready to explore the Cosmopolitan where we were staying. I was wearing these ridiculous heels (Trying to impress You-Know-Who) and ended up stumbling on an escalator. Jeff swung in and grabbed my arm to save me from tumbling down to certain embarrassment, and didn’t let go of it the rest of the night. We then decided we would all go to the dance club. Him and I danced together all night, and right around midnight he pulled me aside and said, “I really want to kiss you.”. And we have been inseparable ever since.

Now, here is where the unpredictable part comes in. Jeff and I moved in together after about six months and were living the happy but poor young adult life and loving it. Then November came, a month we were actually planning to go back to Vegas with my grandparents. They are old and just needed some extra help getting around the city. I get a call from my mom while I am at work, and she says we need to take my dad to the emergency room. I rushed to grab Jeff and then to my parents where my dad was a pale shade of yellow on the couch. Between the three of us we managed to carry him down the flight of stairs and drove him to the hospital.

After much time in the ER it was diagnosed that he had severe organ failure and about 2 weeks to 2 months. We were crushed. They moved him to ICU and we spent the next several days there. My mom never left his side. But as our trip got closer things seemed to improve a bit, and the doctor encouraged us that we could still make our trip to Vegas so our grandparents could still go. We hesitantly agreed, but each had a moment alone to sit with my dad, even though he was completely unconscious. It wasn’t until only a few months ago I learned that during this time Jeff had asked my father if he could marry me, and according to Jeff, my father nodded.

This time in Vegas was not as carefree as the first one, we were only there a few days before we got the call from my mother that we needed to come home. We couldn’t get a flight until the next day, so we were sitting without much to do at a restaurant when Jeff leans over and whispers, “Let’s get married.”. Of course I was flabbergasted, but the thought of getting married while my father was still alive seemed like the right thing to do, and so we did. We went to the DMV, found a groupon and some cheap rings and right at 4:30pm we said “I do.”.

We arrived home the next day to learn that we would be taking my father off of life support. We watched our wedding video with him and my mother before we did, I like to think he could hear it. We married on Nov, 15, 2016 and he passed Nov, 17, 2016.

The next few months were full of trying to help my mother physically and emotionally, cleaning out old things and trying to keep up with our own lives. We had planned on keeping our wedding a secret from everyone except family and then having a real wedding when we got home, but the planning just kept getting put on the back burner. Everytime we would start to save up there would be a new expense. My grandmother passed in January and that trip took a huge portion of our savings. In April however I did go out with my mother and a few friends and I found my dream wedding dress. A small step, but we were getting closer. Then the worst thing imaginable happened.

Just five months after my father had passed Jeff and I went to visit my mother on April 10th, 2017. We walked in to discover that my mom had committed suicide. Exactly one week after we had bought my wedding dress. The grief was unbearable. I remember falling to the floor and Jeff literally carrying me to the hallway. He held me so hard as I screamed and cried. He promised he would always take care of me and never leave me.

As you can imagine the months after that were filled with endless things to do and pay for. She left us with her dog and two cats so we now needed to move to a place big enough to store all of her belongings and a place that allowed us to own animals. The new place we found is nice but ended up increasing our rent each month about 400 dollars. She had left us a small sum of money she insisted we use for our wedding, but between down payments and everything else it was not feasible.

At this point we had pretty much given up on ever being able to afford any sort of wedding ceremony with our loved ones, but then I saw your ad. There are so many couples who I’m sure are deserving of this, but I hope you will consider us. We would love to get to end this year of grief with a wonderful wedding with you all.

God Bless
Taylore and Jeff

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