Taylor Lucero – No matter what

08 Feb, 2018

Taylor Lucero – No matter what

Couple’s Love Song: The Rest Of Our Life. By Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

I Taylor Lucero and David Lovato met three years ago in December of 2014, we had actually spotted each other at a local bar here in Ignacio Colorado and we couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other, so that whole night after we went our separate ways we searched for each other on Facebook, I Taylor finally after hours of searching for just a face do to not knowing his name found him. That next morning we messaged one another and ever since have been inseparable. We have one kid together a little boy who is gonna be three in November, he has three other kids and I have one other. We are a big family but we love and accept one another we’ve had some very hard times but what couple doesn’t from losing close loved ones to having people try and tear us apart, but through it all we are still here, we would love this opportunity to actually show one another we are truly ready to spend the rest of our lives together and show our kids that love is the most important part in life and relationships, along with happiness and respect. He is truly my other half my souls mate I couldn’t picture life without him by my side. Thank you for the opportunity.

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