Tanya Velarde – Literally love at first sight!

08 Feb, 2018

Tanya Velarde – Literally love at first sight!

Couple’s Love Song: George Strait You Look So Good In Love

(Note: We might have cross paths when we were young.) How we came to meet. I was still in my first year of college at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My home was the dormitory. Josh had just quit his job as an electrician. He then decided to leave everything behide in Phoenix, Arizona. He jumped on the next Greyhound bus to come visit his Aunt, Virginia in Albuquerque.
It was Fall semester in 2007 I remembered. My big sister who is my first cousin named Francisca aka Frankie lived there in Albuquerque with her now, Ex Boyfriend. Who happens to be Josh’s Cousin, Shane. Any who I would go and visit them often. I got to know Virginia. Virginia lived with Shane; her son and my sister Francisca. So that is Josh’s family but i didnt know Josh just yet.
The beginning of October 2007. I dont remember what day. Anyways Francisca came to picked me up after my classes. We headed up to her apartment home as usual for a couple of hours. As we were getting closer she, Francisca blurts out that I am going to meet one of Shane’s cousin from Phoenix. If you meet me Im a shy quiet person. On the other hand Josh is outgoing and outspoken. When she told me that, I immediately was a nerve wreck. I wasnt sure why in an instant I was feeling that way. Im usually ok when I meet new people but I was insanely nervous. Little did I know, Josh was gonna be my future! Now I know!
Josh arrived in Albuquerque. He called for someone to pick him up. When he did arrive to the apartment. They planned to have a cook out for dinner. So Josh helped with the grilling. Still no one mentioned I was coming. Josh had no clue he was going to meet me!
Then, five minutes before Frankie and I arrived to the apartment Josh’s cousin said “Oh Frankie’s ( Francisca) cousin, Tanya is gonna be here!” Josh was surprised and was like “What!” Frankie told me like 15 minutes before we were arriving in the car. Then we were about to meet! When I went inside the apartment Josh was in the kitchen. He came out and meet me for the first time. I remember exactly what he was wearing to this day. Josh tells me when he first seen me, he got scared!!! He wasnt sure why he got scared! Lol. When I seen him I was so nervous! Now, When we talk about it we laugh about how we felt because we were meant for each other. Thats why we were feeling the way we did. We are soul mates! That is how we met but there is more. Lots more. Thank you for reading our story!

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