Tai Hinojosa – 23 years and counting

08 Feb, 2018

Tai Hinojosa – 23 years and counting

Couple’s Love Song: Tangled up in you by Aaron Lewis

This story begins in 1993 when I was the ripe age of 13. I was in class when a boy I had never seen walked in and told my teacher I was needed in the office. As I walked into the hall this boy said Hi, I am gonna kiss you now….and proceeded to give me a very innocent kiss….that made my heart race and my knees shake. He introduces himself and shortly after we started dating. It lasted a few months but alas it ended. We didn’t speak for several months, but one morning he was following me around the school, when I turned around and finally asked what he wanted he told me he wanted to apologize for the way things ended. Right away we were inseparable. But, again things didn’t work out because he got in trouble and had to change schools. Almost a year went by when my phone rang and to my surprise it was a mutual friend asking me to hang with him. So I did….the second I saw him my heart was racing, and I could barely speak. That night he asked me out (I was so excited I forgot to mute the phone as I ran around the house screaming). That was February 18th 1995. In December 1996 when I was just 16 and he was 18 we found out I was pregnant. Everyone said they will never last, they will never make it. Our son was born the following July, and our daughter followed in August 1999. Shortly after our daughter was born we decided it was time to get married. My dad agreed to pay for the wedding but a few months before the date my Dad backed out. So 2 more years pass when we decided to just go to the justice of peace to get married. After work on a Friday afternoon we said our vows in Jeans and sweaters. Not one picture was taken, no cake was had. Not one keepsake from that day. 10 months later our youngest son was born. But this year we celebrate 16 years of marriage and 23 years together. On Dec 24th 2017….21 years to the day from the first time he asked me my soul mate asked me to marry him. This time he said we will do it right, we will have the wedding we always wanted. Despite all the odds we have made it. Our 2 oldest children have graduated high school, our youngest is still attending(all with no babies I might add) we are still very much in love and no matter what anyone said….we were too young, we could never handle being parents so young, we didn’t understand life….Despite it all we are here, happy and in love. This wedding would be the cherry on the cake for our lives but honestly we already won.

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