Stephanie Manzanares – Dwayne and Stephanie’s Story so far…

08 Feb, 2018

Stephanie Manzanares – Dwayne and Stephanie’s Story so far…

Couple’s Love Song: Jerry Butler- For your precious love

Dwayne and Stephanie’s journey so far……
It was the day before Easter 2015 when I went to Target to buy Easter basket goodies for my two children. That day I was very grumpy and did not feel like shopping! I never liked shopping but I knew I had to since it was the day before Easter. As I walked into Target there was a guy looking at me and smiling. As being in a grumpy mood I gave him a really mean look. In my head I was thinking, why is this guy just smiling at me? So I just walk pass him. About 20 minutes later I was in the Easter section and I feel someone tap me on my shoulder. I turn around and it was the guy who was smiling at me. With out hesitation I was now smiling at him. He then says with a big smile on his face “ I seen you walk in and I just thought wow she’s beautiful. It took me a while to get the courage to ask you for your number and to see if you would like to go out some time.” Right then and there I was really happy! What made me so happy was that about a week before this meeting I asked God to send that special someone into my life! So being the day before Easter I felt like it was meant to be. So to continue on… I gave him my number. My phone was dead so I couldn’t take his down. We then both walked away with a smile. About 10 minutes later he finds me again to confirm he got the right number. That made me laugh a little. To me that was super cute and admiring. I of course confirmed the number and again we went on with our business.
When I went home I charged my phone and we talked to each other all day and night. We had our first date a few days later. It was like a movie perfect date. He came to my door to pick me up and gave me some flowers. He even opened the car door for me! We then headed out for dinner than a movie. When he took me home he walked me to my door then gave me a quick cute little kiss. That night I felt like a little school girl on her first date. When he got home we talked for the rest of the night. We of course went on many more dates after that. He would also show up randomly to my job with flowers or coffee. He was and still is the sweetest guy.
As we fast forward into time he ended up being the best father figure to my two kids. Their dad was never in their lives. So to them this was the best thing that could ever happen to them. They always had a special bond with each other. He made sure that they were a priority as well. He’s taken them to movies, arcades, motor cross shows lets my daughter paint his toes and have done many other activities. As the heart grew stronger between all of us we found out we had a special surprise for us, we found out that we were expecting a baby. From that moment we grew to love each other even more. About two weeks later, it was one week before Thanksgiving. He says let’s go out and have a nice quiet dinner to celebrate our new arrival. So we went to go check out The streets at SouthGlenn and we grabbed some coffee to keep warm while we walked around a little bit to wait for our reservations at Maggianos. We walked around looked at the pretty Christmas lights, checked out the ice rink and we soon sat down by a big well lit fire place. That’s when he pulled out a ring and got on one knee (looking so nervous) and asked me to me marry him. I couldn’t stop smiling and I started crying of course and I said yes! The rest of the night with dinner and everything was so amazing.
Now to current day. We have our new beautiful baby boy all of us couldn’t be happier. We decided to wait on getting married because new baby expenses and a wedding are a little hard to do. The kids keep asking when we will get married. The only response we can give them is soon. To win a package like this would be a dream come true. It’ll help make our little family complete!

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