Sheleen Duran – Renew our vows

08 Feb, 2018

Sheleen Duran – Renew our vows

Couple’s Love Song: Forever mine by O’Jays

2003 my husband and I met, we were 17 and 18. I got pregnant with our first child, we only knew each other for two months when he asked me to be his wife and now fifteen years later he asked me a month ago to renew our vows. When we first got married it was in a store front church in Aurora Co with only close relatives, King Sooper cake, Dillard’s white dress, no brides maids and no reception. He always told me for our fifteenth we would renew and have a big wedding, something I’ve always wanted and dreamt of, with bridesmaids and a big reception, with close friends and family, but not just that but so our four children will be present. Our oldest son (13) is my husbands best man and our oldest daughter (12) is my maid of honor. I hope this inspires married couples to keep fighting even when it gets hard, marriage isn’t easy but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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