Shawna Atencio-Benavides – We Worked Together

08 Feb, 2018

Shawna Atencio-Benavides – We Worked Together

Couple’s Love Song: Not a bad thing by Justin Timberlake

Me and David met back in 2009 we worked together (still do) we both worked at customer service we were just friends at the time cause I was in a relationship I had 3 children at this point in my life he knew that cause we talked about our lives with each other so about a month later I became single from a very bad relationship where my ex was emotionally abusive to me so very badly I wanted to end my life when I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter fortunately I survived my injury as well as my unborn child David was there for me to talk to we became closer and went on a few dates and dated off and for quite sometime I would always stop talking to him for some stupid reason this went on for years until 2011 the apartment I was sharing with my sister and her children and mine we were facing eviction cause my sister couldn’t afford her part of the rent any longer she had some where to go I however didn’t so i brought up the situation to David not knowing what was gonna happen to me and my kids without any hesitation he said I’m sure my grandma wouldn’t mind if you and the kids came to live here and was so very happy and relieved so we moved in I told him it was only temporary till we found our own place he said that was fine so i begin to search for a new place which took awhile but David said when I found a place he wanted to go with us cause he couldn’t imagine him waking up and us not being with so we moved in together a few years go by and it was just amazing I couldn’t have been happier so in 2013 he asked me to be his wife I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and of course I said yes and this my ruin our chances of winning but we did tie the knot already in 2014 but ended up going to Vegas to get married cause we afford a big one so after we got married we wanted to have a baby together so i stopped my birth control and we began in June 2014 I became pregnant I was so happy that everything was going so great I was enjoying being pregnant a few months go by as we get closer to our baby being brought into the world November comes and we are about to find out the sex of our baby my other children were on Thanksgiving break so i wanted them there for the big news we go to the doctor being super anxious the doctor starts to look around to try find the sex All of a sudden she stops what she’s doing and runs out the room she comes back with a different doctor and she starts to look around so she asks “Can say this in front of everybody??” And say of course she says “I’m sorry to tell you this but your has passed” I busting out in tears and so do my children and David my heart just broke i was devastated but to make the sad part better we were blessed again 5 months later with another pregnancy and this baby made it he is now 2 years old he means the world to us as well as my other children I hope you enjoyed our story!!

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