Shaundiva Garrett – My fiance wrote this…

08 Feb, 2018

Shaundiva Garrett – My fiance wrote this…

Couple’s Love Song: At Last by Etta James

Love is just a part of how all human beings should appreciate and respect each other.
It often starts out small and grows at its own pace, without a thought of where
it will go or what form it will take. My beloved was just a dream that I saw in
my yearbook and wrote a poem about. Childish dreams that only seems like a
fantasy. I had hoped that I would run into her in a hallway so I could say
something. It didn’t happen.

Two years later I did. She offered me some of her chocolate chip cookies in class,
and I now had something to talk about with her without being awkward. I still tried
to find any chance to talk to her, but they mostly escaped me. I didn’t even know if
she knew that I liked her. As said before, love will make its own path.

Twenty years later, I found her again. After life runs its course twisting down
through time, she was older, wiser, still magical though. A diamond strengthened
and more beautiful than before. Almost every weekend, I drove 100 miles to see her,
to be with her. Patience was more than a virtue, it was a necessity.

Now our lives are about to merge, to become something more than just the two of us.
That happiness that we have created will affect the people around us. They will
share in the light that we bring forth, and it will move beyond us into the future
long after we are gone. This is the true power of love, it is timeless.

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