Selina Casares – My high school sweetheart

08 Feb, 2018

Selina Casares – My high school sweetheart

Couple’s Love Song: Heaven Kane Brown

It was the very first day of high school I remember walking up to this big new school not knowing how things were going to go.. I remember meeting up with my friends who I attended junior high with. As time went on I met a lot of people and made lots of new friends.. yes, there was one special guy who caught my attention who I felt could be more than a friend. He was popular all the girls liked him so I figured there was no chance and who am I kidding I’m a teen girl there’s plenty more of him right? Wrong! We attended all four years of high school together and became good friends. He and I both dated other people but always felt something for one another but never were that “title” as kids would call it. At times we acted like a couple others just Friends. I ended up going to a new high school where we lost contact as we were busy with life and being high school kids. In the middle of my Junior year he transferred to my high school, big surprise! We reconnected like we never even stopped talking. We hung out more and everyone always said we were going to end up together. I thought they were all crazy but they were actually right! He left high school close to the middle of my senior year where we again stopped talking. It was always on and off with us through the four years of school. Well he never had any type of social media and happen to create a Facebook page the summer I graduated from school. Gotta love social media! He added me and wrote me how he missed me and always wanted to hang out. He asked for my number I gave it to him but wouldn’t ever agree to hang out with after a little while of making him work to get me to say yes! Of course I wanted to I mean I missed him and wanted to catch up but playing hard to get was fun! We finally started to hang out. After so long we finally became a “title”. Fast forward now to almost 6 years later we are so happy in love and have two beautiful children. Our son is 3 and our daughter is a month old. We never thought we would actually create a love story so beautiful or even a family together but we did and are so happy they way things worked out for us! You never know what life will throw at you when you least expect it but just know everything always happens for a reason!

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