Sean Scaggs – The Kiss of a Lifetime

08 Feb, 2018

Sean Scaggs – The Kiss of a Lifetime

Couple’s Love Song: Must be nice by Lyfe Jennings

We were young, we never thought that we would be in love. We were in 8th grade, we had one class together and we spoke to eachother a couple of times but never thought we would be friends. One day after school changed it all! All I did was ask her for a chocolate kiss not realizing that chocolate kiss was going to change my life. She gave me one and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking. From that moment we talked to eachother everyday and every afternoon we spent at school to have time together. We quickly became best friends. Shortly after we started talking I asked her to be my girlfriend with the persuasion of a friend, obviously she said yes. I was 14 she was 13, at the time we never thought we would be together this long or even thought about love. She supported me in all I did and I supported her. Then we went to different high schools. It made it difficult but we persevered, I couldnt see myself with anyone else. She made me happy and she knew everything about me. We had many ups and downs throughout high school but we made it work. I always knew she would be my wife. After we graduated we moved to college and fell in love more and more as we struggled to make school work. We moved back home and got our first apartment together. She took care of me when I needed her to and she made everything she did look easy. Even after getting our first place together we continued to struggle. Yet thru it all she held me down. At the begining of 2017 she told me she was pregnant. I was beyond excited and ready to be a father. She gave me all I ever wanted. Our son was born in October, she was the mother I always dreamed of having for my children. In December I asked her to marry me 10 years after I asked her to be my girlfriend. We were so young when we started dating that we wanted to make sure it was right for the both of us. Yet again she said yes. It was a kiss that changed everything, the kiss of a lifetime.

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