Savannah Rivera – High School Sweetheart

08 Feb, 2018

Savannah Rivera – High School Sweetheart

Couple’s Love Song: Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

In 9th grade my computer had broke and I posted on Facebook that I needed a Windows 7 disc and Michael had commented saying he had one I could borrow. I looked at his profile and saw he had no pictures of himself but we went to school together at Longmont High School so I began messaging him and getting details about the disc I needed. He said he would give it to me at school on Monday and I continued messaging him so I didn’t seem rude to just take something of his and never talk to him. As time went on we continued talking. He and his girlfriend had just broken up and he was really upset by it so I helped him get through the break up and just be a friend for him. Eventually I realized I didn’t know what he looked like or anything and he still hadn’t given me the disc I needed so I asked my friend if she knew who he was and she replied with “you have a picture of him on your phone, we went to middle school with him.” and I went through my camera roll to see what photo she was talking about and just a few days earlier I had taken a funny picture of one of my friends and Michael was “the random guy” who had ran up and posed in the picture with my friend. I thought that was a weird coincidence and then a few days later I was in my web design class and was texting Michael and suddenly a boy walks in about 15 minutes late to class and I look at him and immediately text Michael asking him what he was doing and he replied “in class”. Of course. And I asked him which class and he said “I’m sitting right behind you.” At this point, it was October, we had been in class together since August and he had been sitting directly behind me the entire time and I never knew. On Halloween night I was out trick-or-treating with my friends and texting Michael the entire time and constantly asking where he was and trying to convince my friends to walk over to the part of town he was at because I just wanted to see him. I knew I’d be way too shy to go up and say anything to him or even let him catch me looking at him but all I wanted to do was see him. I stayed up until about 4 or 5am just texting him and smiling non-stop at my phone. My friend looked over at me and asked who is making me smile so much and that was the moment I realized that I had a huge crush on this kid and I had never felt this way about anybody before which was crazy because we hadn’t been talking for very long, only about 3 months. A few days later on November 4th Michael was texting me telling me he was having a really bad day and wanted a hug during lunch. I stood outside with my friends where we normally sat for lunch the entire lunch period just waiting for Michael to come over and I had the worst butterflies in my stomach the entire time. The lunch bell rang telling everybody we had 10 minutes to go to class and Michael hadn’t shown up and I got really upset. I finally saw him walk past me a few minutes later and we made eye contact but he kept walking. My feelings were hurt and I assumed he was just like every other guy in high school who makes you fall for them and then never follows through. I sadly walked inside the school with two of my friends and before I walked through the 2nd doors into the school somebody had grabbed my arm and pulled me to them, I looked back and it was Michael and he was just smiling at me. I turned around and hugged him and then next thing I knew he kissed me, and let me tell you, it was the most awkward kiss I’ve ever had because I was so unprepared for it but it was special. I wouldn’t trade that kiss for anything in the whole world, I still smile just thinking about it to this day. Afterwards I went to go walk to class and my friends ran up to me and asked what that was all about because apparently they had been spying on me and I told them I wasn’t sure and they asked if me and Michael were dating and I said I didn’t know so I spent all of my last class period texting him asking him what that kiss meant and he ended up asking me out. Here we are 4 years later, ages 18 and 19, both out of high school and still completely in love. And although it may seem that we are still just young teenagers who don’t know what we want in life, we both have gone through so many unimaginable things together that a lot of people could never dream of happening. He has helped me through so many things, these past 4 years of my life have been the absolute hardest I have ever had to deal with and he has been there for me through it all and I have been with him through everything as well. We have had our ups and downs and we have gone through difficulties together but we always overcome our problems because we could never leave each other no matter what could happen. You could ask anybody in our families and they would assure you that you could never find two people more perfect for each other than we are. I love Michael and he loves me and we want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together.

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