Samantha Ramirez – High School Sweethearts

08 Feb, 2018

Samantha Ramirez – High School Sweethearts

Couple’s Love Song: Ed sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Hello My name is Samantha , my husbands name is Eric. We have been together since my sophomore year in high school and he was a junior. He was that boy in school that all the girls liked and wanted to date but he chose me and gosh i was so happy about that. I had always said we would end up married and just that happened. Along the way we had 2 beautiful kids one boy and one girl and they are our world. I couldn’t imagine my life with out this man he is such an amazing father and husband, and always seems to do what ever he can to provide for us. we are going on 16 years together and married for 1 year. I would like a do over wedding for me and my husband as when we got married July 22, 2016 what should have been one of the happiest day of our life Turned into my biggest fear as a bride. we had a destination wedding in Vegas at the Treasure Island Hotel. The gal that booked the wedding gave us the wrong time for the ceremony so we almost missed our own wedding. My husband and I both had our families fly in to Vegas to be there for us on our special day, or what should have been our special day… So Im back in the dressing room putting on my beautiful dress waiting for my dad to come walk me down the isle and before i know it, it was time, but to my surprise my family was not there. I walked my self down the isle to my future husband with tears in my eyes because we did not get the weeding that was planned and i had no one to walk me down the isle. my family showed up after the wedding and then proceeded to throw the bridesmaid gifts and storm out of the chapel cursing and blaming my husband for them missing our wedding. The called my husband every name in the book said horribal things about him on social media and ruined our day. Mind you my husband paid for the wedding my family did not offer one bit to help. my family then proceeded to not talk to me and ban my husband from family functions. I really believe this would be a great opportunity for us to have the wedding we deserve and can remember for the great memories and not the heart ache that came with the first wedding. This would mean the world to us if we are chosen…

Thank you Eric & Samantha

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