Samantha Lefever – Isn’t that going to be a great last name!?

08 Feb, 2018

Samantha Lefever – Isn’t that going to be a great last name!?

Couple’s Love Song: Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

Hey there! My name is Samantha Lefever and I am almost 25 years old. My fiance’s name is Mark Merry. Isn’t that going to be a great last name!? Mark is 25 years old and is a firefighter for the town of LaSalle, CO. The funny thing about our relationship is, we actually met each other on Facebook. We had mutual friends of course! I’m from the small town of Platteville, CO and Mark is from Greeley, CO. In October 2012, we had randomly friended each other on Facebook and soon started messaging each other. My first initial thought of Mark was that he was way out my league! A firefighter?! I later found out that he thought the same thing about me. That’s the best kind of love, when you both think the other is your dream partner. In the following months, Mark and I began going on dates. I soon learned that his mother was very sick with a rare evolution of her lymphoma, called MDS. In January 2013, Mark’s mother passed away. During this time, I became a rock and support system for Mark. We became very close and he even moved in with me in April. We’ve been living together since. In September 2016, Mark’s Aunts( his mother’s sisters) were visiting from out of state. We had dinner scheduled at a restuarant with his family one evening. Mark had convinced me to invite my parents so they could meet his Aunts. Little did I know, he was planning our engagement! He proposed to me on a bridge in a sculpture park in front of the whole family! I was shocked! Of course, I could not stop crying. We’ve been together five years now and are ready to tighten the knot. We are currently in the process of building a house together! Winning this wedding would be so awesome!
Our love song is Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. It might seem like a strange song for a couple, but we like it because it’s so upbeat! Mark says it’s the first country song he’s ever liked and he likes it because of me. Every time we hear it, we get all giddy with smiles on our faces and it brightens our day and reminds us of one another.

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