Samantha Bowman – My Best Friend

08 Feb, 2018

Samantha Bowman – My Best Friend

Couple’s Love Song: My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

Once upon a time, there were two young and dysfunctional kids. Dysfunctional meaning- they didn’t fit well with society, their families, or anyone they had ever encountered. They did however, both have loving families and whom they loved unconditionally. Regardless, they were both always the odd one out, or the “black sheep” so to speak. They both grew up faster then they should have, but this brought them together.

He says that she was wild, compassionate, and carefree. She described him as reserved, witty, and charming. He was older. And she was like a train that wouldn’t stop. When she met him, the chemistry and sparks that flew were unlike anything she had ever felt. Standing in front of her was the missing puzzle piece to every thought that crossed her mind. Intially, she thought he was only a friend. Never did she imagine he would be the one holding her hand in the delivery room, or holding her heart in the rough madness the world bestowed. He was great, but did she feel that way for him? Not yet.
He on the other hand, waited, and waited, and waited some more. He knew he wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her in that yellow hoodie and ripped jeans. He made her laugh, he let her talk about her ex boyfriend, he even asked her where she wanted to go if she could go anywhere, and then he took her, to an amusement park that is. She wasn’t really hard to please when it came to having fun. From the day they met they spent everyday after together. Finally three long months later, he held her hand while they both fell asleep. Another three months went by and they were best friends with the best benefits.
They fell in love with each other first before making love. A traditional start to a very non-traditional relationship..

Two years went by and they had moved in together. Another year went by and they decided they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. They wanted a child. She was only eighteen and hadn’t finished highschool. He was working as a marketer for the local golf course. They were very, very young and had no idea what they were getting into. But as all young kids do when they should think about the decisions they’re making, they act on them instead. A few weeks go by, a few pregnancy tests confirm, and bam, a baby was on the way! Their love grew and grew. And their pockets shrunk and shrunk. A shotgun wedding was insisted by their families, but did they ever listen to anyone? No, of course not. They wanted a beautiful wedding, they wanted money to make it happen the way they wanted it to be.
Now our son is soon to be five years old and he tells people in the grocery store that his parents aren’t married. He wants us to be married, which is funny because he is excited that he gets to be a part of it. It couldn’t be more perfect.
The problem is, we are still young. He pushed me to go to college and follow my dreams to the best of my ability and vice versa. I am now a legal technician and he is a truck driver. After many ups and downs financially, 2018 was the start to a great year. We are looking at the possibility of buying our first home, and getting out of this economically struggling county. A wedding is the first and last thing on our minds. Eventually we will have one, but we are inches away from getting a certificate from the court house and calling it a day. We deserve more, so we wait. We have priorities and tradition-smission. We will continue to love as husband and wife, to cherish as husband and wife, and to provide for our family. There is nothing that can stop us from love because together we are unstoppable. We built a love on friendship and now we have built an amazing companionship.

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