Ryan Spencer – Trumpets and Trees

08 Feb, 2018

Ryan Spencer – Trumpets and Trees

Couple’s Love Song: “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher

Audrey and I both played in Boulder Symphony together, but never met for over a year. Audrey plays oboe and Ryan plays trumpet. We both had mutual friends that got us involved in the orchestra. Halloween weekend in Boulder, we had a morning orchestra concert in full costume. Audrey was part of Greek chorus made of deer people at our friend’s MFA thesis performance project that evening. I was a “decomposer” – Mozart with dripping zombie flesh. I wanted to go to the show to see my friends, but had to run to Denver that afternoon for a super awkward first date. I changed into jeans and a polo, but my mom is an amazing makeup artist, so I left the zombie flesh… There was no second date there! I rushed back up to Boulder to catch the show at the Black Box, and we went out after to celebrate. At one point, we locked eyes, and couldn’t stop noticing each other Audrey still maintains that she doesn’t remember my droopy flesh face makeup, but I suppose the bar did have pretty dim lighting. I put the costume back on to take 2nd place in a costume contest on Pearl St., and we danced and drank all night. We exchanged numbers, and both stumbled home…
Audrey calls the next day because she missed her bus, and needed a ride to work. After that I offered to pick her up too, and we hung out every night for next couple weeks, at least. Not only are we best friends who are madly in love and deeply in like, but we both love to help people, so any time we help one another, we say “I got you, babe!” That’s out song… When we were first dating, at one point the song came on the radio, and we both noticed at the same time that the repeating “doot doo” line in the chorus was an oboe, and it was the kind of hilarious that is only funny to us. It was a cute and silly thing to bond over, but it stuck! Saying “doot doo” became synonymous with “I got you babe” as in… need a ride? I got you, babe! Forgot to eat dinner? I got you, babe! Left your music at home and are already at the gig? I got you, babe! We always want to make the other’s life easy as much as possible, so “I got you, babe!” comes up all the time – “doot doo, babe!”
Our life is trumpets and trees! Audrey’s passion is studying environmental science, specializing in maps and botany, and she’s as eco-friendly as they come. She has great ears, plays oboe, and attends SO MANY of my concerts, I’m amazed she’s not tired of it yet. I’m a professional trumpet player and teacher, and also compose, arrange, and do some sound engineer work. I love to play and listen to jazz, even though my bread and butter lies with classical playing. We both love the outdoors, and try to go skiing, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and just getting outside whenever possible. Our #1 passions are a close second for each other, and thus our life is all about music and wilderness – Trumpets and Trees! Though neither of us are Colorado natives, we both belong here, with the natural beauty and amazing music that Denver and all of Colorado have to offer.
We have a connection to Dazzle – I’ve played at Dazzle several times… Most recently with the Denver Philharmonic chamber music, I’ve also subbed for high school jazz bands, sung with an a cappella group, and jammed at the Todd Reid jam sessions. After going to jazz camp at CU as a youngster, I got to play on stage (at the 10th & Lincoln location) with Bob Montgomery and Brad Goode and other Colorado heavies… I was so nervous that I picked a tune that I didn’t actually know the changes to! (On Green Dolphin Street) It was such a formative musical experience, though!
We want a beautiful wedding that is quintessentially “Colorado” We’ve both had such great experiences listening to music at Dazzle at both locations, it’s become part of Denver’s musical identity for us. We both want to stay in Denver & CO long term, and would love the chance to have all our friends and family join us for an amazing celebration at Dazzle!
We truly hope you consider us for an interview! We’d love to make Dazzle part of our history together!

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