Robert Bender – Our story defys the imagination

08 Feb, 2018

Robert Bender – Our story defys the imagination

Couple’s Love Song: Blindfold Morcheeba

Perahps we don’t have the most romantic love story, I think our story defys the imagination, not to mention the odds. Our story starts in the most strange of locations…Sun Valley, Nevada. Famous for being America’s largest trailer park, the Reno suburb is what you might imagine; dirt roads lined with deep ditches radiating off a lone paved main street. Half the yards are open, the rest confined by cheap wire fences, and most are littered with old car parts and wood piles. I was working as a restaurant manager and Austin was making tacos at Del Taco. We had an immediate attraction and just natural flow together.
However…a few months after moving in with each other, we got caught up in this horrible epidemic sweeping through every state, and every community of the nation. While I was so happy i found such an amazing person, I knew neither of us had a chance while on that stuff, so I proposed we get married. ..but with a caveat. We both must move, leave Reno and enter treatment in a new place, and only if we both successfully achieved that goal, would we get married.
So we packed our things into a car and moved here to Denver. We entered treatment in Sept 2015. In that time, we have had our car stolen, had to move three times, commute for hours to our clinic every day. But our love has provided a constant bacon. .lightning our way, and the end of our treatment is now in sight. Words cannot convey the stress, emotions, and sickness we’ve gone through, that so many Americans are now going through. Statistics were against us. But we have both succeeded because our love and there would be nothing more appropriate than to be able to give the man I love the wedding we want. A royal frugal wedding is in store for us as it stands now. But thats the short of it.
Best regards
Rob & Austin

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