Ricardo Alvarez – Sanctity of marriage

08 Feb, 2018

Ricardo Alvarez – Sanctity of marriage

Couple’s Love Song: “If Tomorrow Never Comes” Garth Brooks

I begin with, “Mah-wedge, MAH-WEDGE is what bwings us togethwer today.” (Princess Bride). When I was a kid, I thought marriage was just a way to hold on to someone. Just a commitment, for that time to show you were serious about the person who you thought you loved.
I begin our story with a joke because as a youngster, I thought that’s what marriage was, a joke. My mom was divorced and remarried, my dad was on his third marriage and I was like, why do people even bother to get married? The days of getting married and working through whatever issues a couple may have together are over.
My wife and I met in 1996 at my first job at Taco-Cabana. She was a manager, two years older, blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful. She was so full of attitude and bossy. We constantly butted heads over if I should have to work during Bronco games or if I should be able to work at a position to work and watch. We eventually found ourselves in a relationship and shortly after that pregnant with our first daughter. During our pregnancy we discussed marriage but decided we shouldn’t do it because everyone thought that’s what we should do for our daughter. I personally thought why get married, what does it prove? Will people accept us because we are married? Fifteen months later, we were pregnant again, struggling to make it but doing it together. Our parents wanted us to get married but now it was proving we could stay together and didn’t need a certificate to do it. My wife and I discussed marriage several times as the years marched on and I had decided one day we’d elope to Hawaii and get married on a beach, just the two of us.
We are now in year 22 of being together I’m 38, she’s almost 40 (May 29, Don’t tell her I told you) , our 20 year old daughter attending college in Iowa on a soccer scholarship, our 18 year old daughter attending college here in Denver and a nine year old son in elementary school. We are proud parents who have survived the struggle, bought a home and the whole time watching and attending high priced marriage ceremonies and consoling divorced and failed marriages of our friends and family.
If you ask me now what marriage is, I would answer you with this: Marriage is a commitment and acknowledgment of finding a person or better yet a soul that you will fight for in this life and beyond. Marriage isn’t till death do you part but when until we get to do it again in heaven.
We have proven we don’t need anyone else’s approval but this ceremony would be for us. My wife deserves it and I say my wife because that is what she is to me. If we are blessed to be married in your venue or we take that trip to Hawaii, I will marry this woman.
Thank you for you consideration, sincerely
Rich Alvarez.

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