Rebecca Burton – As we all would ever want

08 Feb, 2018

Rebecca Burton – As we all would ever want

Couple’s Love Song: Perfect Ed Sheeran

As we all would ever want, a “perfect” love story. But there is also no such thing. We is this song as a dream come true for us as we have fought may obstacles.
July 4th 2016 was the day we meet, after my previous relationships, I thought to myself, “well I guess this one could be a try” but like others I never seemed to get my hopes up. Pablo was a caring, responsible, and hard working man. Sometimes I felt we were just too busy for each other. But Everytime we got together on our weekends, I felt a special spark. The one that makes you so nauseous that you actually feel the need to vomit. After a few months, I felt as we had been together for years. Together, we have 3 kids and the smallest was having some respitory issues due to the house her and I lived in. At the beginning of our realtionship, we decided not to rush anything, especially moving in together. We due to the sickness we needed to move, I figured I may as well ask if he was ready just in case there was any actual spark between us, not to loose the chance! He said yes! I constantly asked if he was sure if this is what he wanted, he never tolde any different then, “now is the perfect time”! October 2016 we signed our first lease to our first house. We we’re as excited as ever to wake up next to each other every day! With so much time together, we had vowed each other with the perfect promise rings to hold on to in our hands and hearts forever. It is the most fulfilling feeling I had felt. We had decided to host Christmas in our home as a first holiday for us to all be together. As we cooked, baked, samg Christmas Carol’s together, the evening came and he had held his hand out with a gift box from Santa. As I opened it with joy and butterflies in my stomach, I knew from this point on it would forever be the most perfect fairy tale life come true! We decided to wait for the perfect moment, day, and year for our beautiful wedding to take place. We had also decided we wanted to add another addition into our family before we tied the knot! July 1st 2017 we had found out we we’re expecting a little bundle of joy and could not wait another moment! All planning came to mind, as the wedding, and the new baby. On our wonderful 1 year anniversary, July 4th 2017, we decided to take a full day of BBQing and late night fireworks. Before I knew it, I was having some pain. I figured “it’s my first trimester, cramping is normal”! Before we left the house I noticed a bit of spotting as I used the restroom and didn’t feel as though everything was ok. We decideded to take the kids to our parents and make a trip the the ER. Definitely was not the place I wanted to be after being blessed with our joy, and definitely not our 1 year anniversary. After tests, and doctors, and laps, we were saddened to hear I had a tumor in my uterus and it was too late to start Chemo. Also, I was experiencing an Atopic Pregnancy. I was 6 weeks along, and there was not much that could be done. As we sat in the ER room together pouring out hearts and eyes out, we had to make the decision of getting all removed, as well as our little blessing. After a 4 hour long surgery, I woke up to see Pablo’s perfect face, heart, and concerning eyes. He made it all worth the while holding my hand each step of the way. I am so blessed for us to have pulled through every tough moment that had been brought our way. We are still going in stronger then ever with every perfect amount of love in our lives. Unfortunately through the saddened tragedy, we haven’t yet conceived nor had the true meaning to plan a wedding. Each day we talk about the special moments, or the songs we will play, or even the perfect wedding. Each day the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran comes on we remind each other that is our song! One day we will dance under the stars to OUR song! Us winning the wedding will not only be a wonderful day, it will be a blessing that we haven’t been able to make happen. A perfect day to vow our perfect love to each other as one.

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