Patricia Christian – A little too much time on Facebook

08 Feb, 2018

Patricia Christian – A little too much time on Facebook

Couple’s Love Song: Angle eyes

In 2014 I probably spent a little too much time on Facebook. I belonged to lots of different pages and became friends with people from all over the world. Towards the end of the year I found myself looking to see if this guy commented on my friends post. That’s how we first met. Eventually he sent me a friend request and we started talking and joking around. I remember thinking that I wish I could find a guy like him. Handsome, funny but maybe a little closer then New York. I never consider dating Scott I thought he was out of my league and he only lived 3000 miles away. One night we were talking on messenger and he told me he had to go his best friend just died. I felt terrible and lost I wish I could help him but I barely know him and we were on two sides of the country. I didn’t hear from him till the next day and he was beside himself. Offered to come out for the funeral but he told me no. Thursday with no warning he asked if the offer was still there so frantically I found a flight and book the hotel room I just wanted to be there for my friend I felt so bad for him. Scott offered to pick me up from the airport so I called him once I arrived Friday morning To my surprise he didn’t answer the phone In fact he didn’t answer for two hours and I was alone and scared confused in the airport Finally I decided to get out and get a cab to my hotel the driver side it would be $100 but I didn’t have a choice just as we are about to pull out of the airport my phone rang and it was Scott I got out of the cab as he apologize profusely He went out the night before so nervous to see me for the first time and didn’t wake up in time I was angry but more relieved I had a ride The moment his car pulled up to the curb is indescribable sitting down the car looking to him for the first time I knew my life would never be the same He was so excited to see me took me straight to meet his parents Crazy considering just one day before we were making jokes on Facebook We ended up spending entire weekend together and both cried when I had to leave to go home A few days later Scott said it was time to make a trip to Colorado I flew out here to visit for a week That week turned into a month as he stayed with me and my daughters having a great time Leaving Colorado Scott one home only to make plans to come back three weeks later I flew to New York and we drove his car with all his possessions here That was the longest you’ve ever been away from each other He my best friend and my love. He put me and my family before anything. After 3 years everyday just gets better and better

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