Pamela Montoya – Meant to be

08 Feb, 2018

Pamela Montoya – Meant to be

Couple’s Love Song: Eyes on Fire Zeds Dead mix

Cisco and I met originally in middle school. I was the shy girl that hung out with her cousin’s friends and found myself crushing on him and somehow he liked me too. We weren’t together until later in high school, but he was the one that stole my heart, I just didn’t know it until Senior year after we were together, he was the only one who came to see me when I had my appendix out and he was my first Everything. He took me to my first rave, he took care of me and treated me with respect and even then I had no idea what that meant. We were young, I despised his best friend and decided I didn’t want to be with anyone for the remainder of Senior year, I just wanted to have a good time and get to know who I really was and what I was going to do with my life after graduation. That was 2001, somewhere a few years after that, Cisco approached me at a party or some kind of occasion and wanted to hook up, I was in a relationship at the time, still young not really knowing what I wanted, but I was rude and told him he had his chance. Fast forward to 2013, he is living in Las Vegas and one of my best friends and I decided to go out for a getaway. I contacted him on Facebook, as a friend and said we should go out to eat or hang out. I didn’t know that feelings could come back after 12 years of being apart from someone but even though I had a cheating boyfriend at the time that I was trying to get away from, I fell for Cisco. It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day 2014 that I was finally single and happy and learning to love myself again that I decided to go back or to Vegas and “hang out” with Cisco. My plan was to go out have fun and I would likely come back to CO a single happy woman ready to take on the world. Of course Love had a different plan, and Cisco took me to the Dunes we rode the four-wheelers we had an amazing time, it brought back memories and we discussed what we were looking for in life and in love. Holding his hand as we went to dinner for the last night of my trip with him we confessed how hard it was to let go, to consider being with anyone but each other. I went on that trip expecting to come back single and instead I came back more in love than I had ever been. He flew to CO the next month to meet my daughter, and we flew back in April and he took us to Disneyland. We were flying back and forth as often as we could, still Cisco has been the man that has given me so many “first times”, seeing the ocean, going to California, going to EDC, and even for my daughter having someone to call daddy for the first time ever. He moved here because I already owned my home, and my daughter was in a great school, he came here to give us the life we thought we would never had but always deserved. He had given up his job and his life to adjust to ours, he came and started a business here with his brother and he works so hard day in and day out. We had our son in July 2016, he was the happiest I have ever seen, but he has worked so hard and so long giving up so many things to make a life for us that we haven’t even had a chance or the finances to even consider a wedding. This man and I found each other after all these years of being apart and still sparked a flame that burns so strongly between us, it’s truly my favorite love story. I consider myself so lucky every day to have him back in my life and to know that things were truly meant to be with us.

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