Nicole Martinez-Gonzales – We Kept Getting Pressured

08 Feb, 2018

Nicole Martinez-Gonzales – We Kept Getting Pressured

Couple’s Love Song: Thinking out loud by Ed sherman

David and i have been together for 9 years and we have faced some very trying times in our relationship and in life we kept getting pressured by both our families about getting married but we knew we had things to work on before we could make that commitment. We were on our last leg so we went to counseling at our church and that really opened up alot of old wounds and things from our past. It was difficult but it did help and bring us closer. We had a private ceremony in august at our church. We had no friends or family members because we couldnt afford a big wedding. However this year will be our 10th year together and our 1 year married. It would be so awesome if we were able to have a ceremony to include our friends and family. Ww

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