Nancy Ruby – Found true love when I had gave up

08 Feb, 2018

Nancy Ruby – Found true love when I had gave up

Couple’s Love Song: Thomas Rhett/Die a happy man

I had gave up on love many years due to being in very bad relationships. I never in a million years thought I would actually meet the man I have always dreamed about. Then one evening I met Christopher he walked in with a mutual a friend and I was drawn to him that very instant I didn’t want him to know so I completely ignored him lol due to my past I was very hesitant and no matter how much I did ignore him he followed me around like a puppy dog trying hard to get my attention..
We went are sepereate ways but I started dreaming about him almost every night it was very weird that the little moment of meeting him would set off something inside me like if I had known him forever and we barely talked. A few weeks later I get a message on face book from Christopher saying that I know this is weird but ever since I met you I can not get you off my mind and if I would like to have a drink with him. I did of course. We had drinks and talked and laughed it was like I knew him from somewhere before a past life, it was like seeing a old friend you had great history with did everything together and you loose touch and when you see them its like they were never gone. So I told myself before I leave here from our date I am going to kiss him and if it feels like the kiss from the man in my dreams I know right then and there it was meant to be and so I did I shocked him by my gesture but it was the most amazing kiss in my entire life and I knew he was the one. The one I prayed for my Angel from heaven that god had sent down to show me there are still good men I just had to be patient for the right one. Now everyday and for the rest of my life I will get to kiss the man of my dreams and be blessed to call him my husband..

Dreams do come true!!

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