Miranda Johnson – I Wouldn’t Have Believed Them

08 Feb, 2018

Miranda Johnson – I Wouldn’t Have Believed Them

Couple’s Love Song: This Modern Love by Bloc Party

Five years ago, if someone told me that I’d be engaged to someone I met on a dating site I wouldn’t have believed them. I watched too much Investigation Discovery; read too many horrible internet dates Tumblr blogs. But in the cold early months of 2013, I wanted to meet someone new, go on adventures, and have some fun. Most of the messages I got would have been comfortable on a list of terrible Tinder messages. Mark’s messages were polite and charming. We set up a date for the upcoming weekend. Silencing my fear that he was an ax murderer, I babbled nonsensically (he tells me later) through our first date.

We met a few times a week for happy hours. Meeting online felt like we weren’t really connected in the real world, so we talked about things we would usually keep to ourselves. Our time dates were interludes from the hustle and bustle of life, disconnected from the worlds we navigated. Our worlds collided outside of the Skylark during UMS 2013. Ears buzzing and exhausted from a day of baking, drink, and dancing in the sun on Broadway my sister and I pushed through the crowded bar and poured on to Broadway heading towards Cedar St. I heard someone calling my name. It was Mark, sitting on the patio with some friends. Running into each other made us both realize that the other wasn’t just someone from the internet, but a real person that existed outside of the computer screen and our cozy happy hours.

Gradually our happy hours morphed into concerts; picnics; spend the nights; and weekend trips. We’re not sure when made the leap from just hanging out to dating, it all slide into place like buttercream on a spice cake. We just had had fun and enjoyed each other’s company.

In June 2015 we were walking to celebrate my birthday with a scrumptious brunch at Gary Lee’s. I was hit by a car crossing Maple and Lincoln, breaking both of my legs. He helped me through my long recovery, gently reminding me not to get disappointed I wasn’t recovering as quickly as I would like, and keeping track of my pain meds. The accident brought us closer and showed that we can support each other even when things are challenging.

I love my life with Mark. It’s been an amazing five years. I’m glad I took a chance, didn’t listen to the voice in my head mumbling “ax murderer” and went on that first date. By chance, I found someone that I love spending time with. Someone who loves and supports me for who I am. Celebrates by uniqueness and calls me out when I’m wrong. I think he makes me a better person ( I hope he feels the same way) and I can’t wait to marry him.

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