Michelle Tafoya – 25 Years of love and happiness

08 Feb, 2018

Michelle Tafoya – 25 Years of love and happiness

Couple’s Love Song: Always and Forever

My husband and I have been married for 25 years this June 30, 2018. We have never been able to afford an actual wedding and were married by the Justice of The Peace in 1994. Although we have always talked about having a wedding life has kept us busy and financially we have just not been able to save up for it as life seems to throw us curves and something seems to pop up that would require our attention and money. We have had 3 beautiful childern . We have had a lifetime of love and over come obstacles that we have seen marriages fall apart over. Through it all we have a always relied on our faith love and prayers. My husband a always says he wants me to have a beautiful dress and I would secretly absolutely love that, I tell him I do not need this and the he and the kids our my true happiness. I could provide a life time of memories. I would be honored to be considered for your Wedding Give away. Thank you, Michelle Tafoya

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