Michelle Raynes – a Friend who loved to take shots

08 Feb, 2018

Michelle Raynes – a Friend who loved to take shots

Couple’s Love Song: Blessed be your Name- Matt RedMan

We met in the summer of 2012. I was 19 and him 29. We met through a friend who loved to take shots. My hair was curled and short shorts I had on, he had a red hat with a white “P” on the front, not sure just for what his name was Mychal.
Good friends we became, every night had long calls. Our love was too strong we just couldn’t wait. he soon moved me up to his Georgetown mountain home. I quit my job to stay home cook and clean, you see before me he was young rich and free the only room mates good tenants I’d say lived in the conners of webs in each room… Now that I l think I can now really see that it’s me that he needs this poor man is alone.
Soo I took him in 😉 made his bed with love, I helped cut his hair, we even shared socks. Its true love I believe Im ready for a rose gold diamond ring. Before he purposed and got down on one knee we had a daughter already now a son on the way. He purposed on a Saturday downtown in our suite with chocolates and flowers it was such a treat more a relief to finaly say “Yes”. We hurriedly got hitched at the court house next week just us two on October 16th 2015. His insurance was great the reason to hurry, November was deadline to add on new members. Now things weren’t that great, nothing seemed right, he worked a rotating shift. We needed a change, so as soon as he could we took the pay cut and moved a few towns south where cows use the streets to migrate. We’re all adjusted now and added a dog his name is Toby a gift from Mychal. My husband’s now home to do weekend road trips our love for Colorado is something we share.
This all happened fast we didn’t have time to share this great moment with loved ones and friends. It sure would be nice to have a hurrah with the ones we love most to celebrate our love, two families now one.

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