Michelle Holguin – Love is all you need

08 Feb, 2018

Michelle Holguin – Love is all you need

Couple’s Love Song: I love you till the end

Love is all you need… It was night out with friends back in 2009 my friends brought their friend to a bar so we can all hang out, and the moment I looked at him I thought I’d love to get to know that man. The man with dark eyes and and lashes so long it almost made me jealous lol. But that’s all it ended up being was just a thought. Neither of us worked up the courage to ask the other out and so I thought that was the end of that.

Fast forward to 2011 a different friend of mine kept telling me about this guy she knew that loved his family more than life and that was the type of guy I needed in my life. She knew to me the love of family is very important because no matter what they are the ones who help you up when you fall. So December of 2011 I looked up the guy on Facebook and low and behold we were already friends on FB and it was the same guy from my outing in 2009. I then decided to message him and ask him out on date since I knew he was to scared too lol…shh don’t tell him I said so. And what better date than to the Nutcracker Ballet the most colorful and romantic ballet we had ever seen. A first for both of us by the way and now a tradition. We dated for about a year where I did get to see how much he loved his family from his mom and his dad, to sisters and brothers. I also loved how kind and loving his parents were to people they had never met and how much they were involved with helping kids get out of bad situations. Love is literally all they gave, so I loved getting to know them more and more. But one thing I really loved seeing was how much his nephews looked up to him. It was then I knew I wouldn’t mind spending my life with this man. But as time passed I started thinking to much into the relationship. I was told I couldn’t have kids so then I thought what if later he wants kids I can’t give that to him. So we started becoming distant from each other and one day I decided I wanted to see him no more. But before I could do so I found out I was actually pregnant, me the one who was told kids were not possible. I guess God had his own plan after all. I knew I loved him and he loved me so we decided to grow our little family together. Which later he had told me ” I always knew you were the one I wanted to spend my life” “I had always seen you with friends and thought you were beautiful inside and out, but to intimidated to ask you out.” Me being the romantic that I am I fell in love all over again. And if we’re being completely honest it wasn’t easy, of course we had our bumps in the road as most couples do. Everything seemed to happen so fast we kind of missed out on those little honey moon stages and feeling completely married with out the vows but we had love.

Fast forward to 3 boys and 6 years later we put ourselves on hold. Me knowing I always wanted to get married and take his last name as my own but we have 3 boys ages 4, 2 and 1 so I pretty much accepted the fact that we may never get married things are just to crazy and busy. But we had love and that was all we needed. Until Saturday February 3rd, 2018 at around 9:20pm Paul David Atencio made me the happiest woman on earth by asking me to be his wife… So until our date is set I Michelle Elizabeth Holguin will soon be Michelle Elizabeth Atencio, kind of nice ring to it don’t you think?…

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