Michelle Franco – Our story

08 Feb, 2018

Couple’s Love Song: Remember When- Allen Jackson

Couple’s Love Song: Thinking out loud by Ed sherman

Michael and I went to the same high school however he was a senior as I was a freshman. It all started when we just so happened to be going to the bathroom at the same time and we saw each other in the hallway. I knew who he was because his sister was in my class. Michael says he smiled at me as we crossed paths and still this day swears I gave him a dirty look, but from what I remember I smiled at him too. A year passes and we have each other as friends on Myspace. It was his 19th birthday June 3rd, 2009 and I wished him a happy birthday day. This is what started it all. Michael had asked his sister to write me and give me his number. I text him and we were on from then. We ended up going on our first date about a month later to the movies and to adventure golf. That night I came home and I was head over heels for him, he had text me the next morning saying “Guess who has the most beautiful smile” I replied with “who? :)” He says “you do, guess who should be my girl” I was in complete shock and replied with “ME?!” and we were finally boyfriend and girlfriend!! July 14th, 2009 <3 We were inseparable although I was still in high school and he was working we still made time for each other even if it meant him just coming over to help me watch my little brothers and sisters or even sneaking out. After being together for 4 years we ended up getting pregnant but shortly after ended up losing the baby, I was told by doctors I was not going to be able to have kids. I told Michael, expecting we wouldn’t be together much longer, he stood by my side. We went from living in our own apartment to having to move in with his parents, then with my parents then living separately just trying to figure everything out. Eventually we ended up living together at his parents again and going to church every Sunday together. For my 21st birthday he took me to Las Vegas we came back finding out we were pregnant again. Sitting in church one day we were learning about the book of Daniel and the name Azariah came up, which means “the one whom god helps” we knew at that very moment that was going to be our sons name. This was a perfect gift from god and we couldn’t have been more blessed. Our baby boy came on March 30th 2015. Not yet engaged at this point we just knew we were meant to be. A year later November 4th 2016 we got a baby sitter for our little man Michael had planned to take me to Canvas and Cocktails, I guess he was going to paint something that had to do with him proposing, but we ended up being 20 mins late so we that fell through. I said we can go see a movie or something not knowing he was actually planning to propose to me that night. We went downtown to try and find something to do, every single thing that we found there was something getting in the way. Finally we decided to go bowling and have dinner. After we were done he is still brainstorming ways he can propose. He finally just says lets go back to the bowling alley and take some pictures in the photo booth. As the photo booth is snapping our photo he pulls out the ring! I was in total shock I just couldn’t believe it! We left our son with his grandma being boyfriend and girlfriend and we came back as engaged! MY dad has never really been in my life so I was so excited and happy to ask my Papa to walk me down the aisle. He was going to have knee surgery and so he was happy to be able to actually walk down the aisle with me, couple months later March 9th, 2017 he ended up passing away and on March 28th,2017 we found out we had lost our second baby. We then realized 2017 was not a good year to get married we still planned on it just not knowing when, I mean we have been together now for 8 years and we are in no rush to get married just would be something we would like to do. July 1st, 2017 we found out we were then pregnant again but hesitant to even tell anybody, as soon as we hit the second trimester we told only family of course everyone is really happy for us knowing everything that we have gone through. We are now expecting a little girl as of April 6th, 2018. We are in the middle of moving right after we have our little girl. Getting married would just be the icing to our cake! We have literally seen each other grow from teenagers to adults and have been there for each other through just about anything you could imagine. We already have our perfect little family but being able to say I am now Michelle Trujillo would be a dream come true.

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