Merida Sifuentes – A thousand years no matter your health

08 Feb, 2018

Merida Sifuentes – A thousand years no matter your health

Couple’s Love Song: A thousand years by christina perri

8 years ago i met a single dad of a 3 month old baby girl. He was lost and confused and didn’t know how he would care for this little precious gift. My brother introduced me to him and well at first he was not my main focus but every day from there on he sent me roses and made me and his daughter his focus and made sure we knew it. I became his girl friend and 5/2÷ i fell compmetely in love we were in a very bad car accident we rolles over and he threw his body over me and protected me with all he had that was the day i realized he would be my husband one day. He proposed he didn’t have a nice fancy ring but he had all his love in it and that was all that mattered. We were happy to plan a wedding but our plans quickly changed when we realized i was pregnant after being told my whole life i wouldn’t ever get pregnant. We put our dream of promising eternal love on hold as we had to put everything into our children. Fast forward 4 years and he asked me again to marry him which i gladly agreed we start planning our wedding i had picked a beautiful dress and church we were to wed 7/16/16 but god had another plan as i found out i was pregnant january 2016 to a baby to precious for earth i lost my daughter 03/28/2016. So we start thinking well maybe a small reception just for our family and close friends but it came crashing down. 07/05/2016 he calls me and tells me he has a horrible pain on his left side which i assured him was a kidney stone and to come home and rest. He gets home and this man who never complains about anything a man who is tough is bent in pain i take him to the ER and had a cold bucket of ice thrown at us when they told us he had stage 4 renal disease. Here’s a man who never drinks who loves sports who drinks more water than anyone i know with renal disease and they tell is its due to an immune disease that will not stop. Lord i questioned why but ever since that day i have stood by his side and value him because i know tomorrow might not come. He is now at an end stage renal disease in need of a kidney and i would rip mine out for him but because im not a match nor too healthy myself i am not allowed. We put our dreams on hold because his health is where all our money goes to making sure he gets the best attention possible is my priority.

We would love to have our dreams come true but we realize other love stories are as beautiful as ours.

My song is a thousand years because if my love is gone i know i will love him beyond tomorrow and forever. I hold his hand in the bad and the good and he holds mine he uplifts me and makes every day a good one for his kids and me.

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