Merandarose Medeles – Meranda & Nicole Love Story

08 Feb, 2018

Merandarose Medeles – Meranda & Nicole Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: The weekend ( Earned it)

So this is how the story begins. Nicole and I we started off by meeting at Wal-Mart on evens and federal we were setting up the Wal-Mart to open back in febuary 2014, of course we weren’t ment to be from first sight because we were involved with others that don’t matter now because it’s the 3 of us Nicole, our daughter and myself. Well when we were setting up the store we were going on and on about our exes which who don’t really matter and she was the supervisor at the time of makeup and pets i think but yea she told me the other day that she was going to tell the big bosses on me and these other girls that we weren’t doing our job and we were just sitting around just talking so I was like what ever swerve. So months went on and I seen her from here and there in the lunch room and threw out the store and she was so annoying because she was always recording herself and others and I just got out of a relationship that I still regret to this day! But anywho. I remember seeing her at the bakery looking for food (I worked in the bakery) and I was like dam girl what u doing on my side of the store and she was like I want a cheese cake so what ever she left than I kept seeing her more and more and I started to like to look at her face she had the most beautifuliest smile with her dimples and as I call it her upside down pretty smile. So i would wonder off to her side of the store and ask her silly silly questions like do you know if this kind of medican is good for 3year olds and she was like well my mom goes off of the weight for my nephews and I already knew what to do I just wanted to talk to her she was stocking Valentine’s teddy bears by now it’s 2015. So than I went home and told my grandma about this girl at work and how sexy she was.. my grandma would always tell me to go buy her cat food after work and I was tired most of the time but I took extra long just to go in circles around there to see if I would see Nicole and one day I asked her is there a kitty litter with a green cat on it lol she was like no but there’s these kinds and she said she would remember me because I would say GRANDMA! Like I was yelling at my grandma which I wasnt.. but after that I started telling Nicole wanna go to lunch with us and she was like yeah! And we started hanging out alot more and I wouldn’t know how to snap chat so I sent her a picture of my grandma’s cat one time lol.. and the more and more we hung out the more I fell for her but she didn’t see it like that because she doesn’t get when people are giving her HINTS!! So I came out and said bruh I like you alot and she’s like what me to and I said no I like you alot to be with you and she’s like oohh shhh I really like you to I just didn’t want you to get weirded out.. So we have been together since March 9th2015. Alot of people have tried to break us up and tell us lies about eachother but we stood by Each others side threw it all… So the day she asked me to marry her she told my sister Mariah and her girlfriend at the time to come join us to go to dav and busters and bam!! She asked me in the parking lot and was like Meranda will you marry me I was like wtf really.. and of course I said yes I will!!!!…. We have been planning our wedding but we had to put it on hold because we decided to buy us a house for us, our daughter and my grandma, nicole has done more than enough for me and my daughter and my grandma, I am so thankful for you Nicole and I can’t wait to become her wife.

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