Melissa Madril – Second Chance, First Love

08 Feb, 2018

Melissa Madril – Second Chance, First Love

Couple’s Love Song: Selena – Dreaming of You

Javier and I met in high school and started dating at age 15. We dated until our senior year, when I decided to attend college 4 hours away. We went our separate ways, dating other people, having children… he even married someone else. At the age of 30 I was going through a horrible separation with my daughter’s dad when Javier popped up on fb as someone I might know. I was hesitant to request him since I knew he was married but I thought what the heck. To my surprise he accepted my request. Come to find out he was going through the exact same thing with his wife (now ex-wife). We started as friends, being support for one an other. We were trying not to rush, trying to be respectful of the people we were separating from but also not wanting to jump into anything. Our now exes attempted to cause us so much pain that it pushed us together, building a stronger bond than we ever thought imaginable. We introduced our kids to each other and from that moment we have been a family. We have been engaged for 3 years because we have struggled to reach some goals for our family but we are now ready to plan and celebrate with our loved ones.

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