Meghan Weber – A wild story of happenstance

08 Feb, 2018

Meghan Weber – A wild story of happenstance

Couple’s Love Song: Lately I – Harrison B

Ed and I have a wild story of happenstance. It’s so fun to tell new people our story because it’s truly one of a kind. I had just moved to Juneau, AK to live with my best friend. My timing was poor because she was heading back to Michigan for vacation when I was moving there. So, I was bored and hopped on Tinder. Ed and I met up for a drink and ended up talking for hours. While we were getting to know each other I found out Ed’s family has a cabin in my home town. He’s been going there every summer since he was a kid! Out of all those summers we never crossed paths until we both ended up in Alaska! We fell for each other fast and before we knew it the summer was coming to an end. Ed’s job was seasonal and he was planning to travel New Zealand. He started teasing me about packing me in his suitcase. That’s when I asked him how serious he was…one thing lead to another and I found myself on a 16hr flight to New Zealand with a guy I had dated for only 2 months. Everyone thought we were crazy but what better way to see if you are going to make it than to travel across the world together! We traveled and explored New Zealand for 6 crazy months. Did the largest bungee swing in the world, black water rafted, swam with dolphins and explored some of the most amazing places. When our travels were coming to an end we started to talk about where we wanted to put down some roots. Ed suggested Denver and here we are now 3 years later with a puppy and the most beautiful ring on my finger. We would love to get married but all our adventures weren’t cheap! Winning this wedding would add another fun twist when we tell our love story!

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